2 Top ways to build your list fast and for free.

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I have struggled for quite a while to build my list up to a decent number of subscribers where it is actually profitable. It took me a few months before I had my first 100 subscribers.

Luckily I learned quite quickly and I have discovered some ways to build my list faster. I just wish I had known of these ways a few months ago.

I thought I would like to share my 2 top ways to build your list fast and free, especially for all the newer marketers here who doesn't know this already.

Here are my quick suggestions:

1. Enter every giveaway event that you can from the start. A giveaway event is an event where hundreds of internet marketers upload a free gift (requiring a signup) and hundreds or thousands of people sign up for this free event to download their free gifts. This will cause a steady drop of sign ups that are highly targeted. You can even make some extra money with one time offers. You can really leverage this method if you upgrade, where you can usually add 3 gifts and add one time offers.

2. Once you have a seed list of at least 300 subscribers you can start leveraging this by doing ad swaps. This is probably the best way to generate loads of subscribers free and easily. The warriors forum's JV section is a great place to look for ad swaps. For those of you who don't know ad swaps is when you send an email to your list advertising another markerter's site, usually a freebie that is given away for a sign up. In exchange he/she will do the same for you. You can do an adwap 2 times per week. As your list grows, you can do ad swaps with people with bigger lists. You can see how your list will grow exponentially this way.

Adswaps and giveaway events are really powerful ways to build your list, and if you haven't tried it yet, I suggest you do. It really helped me alot.

Well, I hope that was helpful. Please feel free to add your recommended ways to build a list quickly.
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