Signs you're a chronic stats checker

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Ok, I'll admit it: I LOVE checking my stats. It's like a drug. I check them first thing in the morning then throughout the day when I need a little boost. And I've got to check before I go to bed.

Do you have the same problem? Here are some signs you are a chronic stats checker:

1) You check your stats in the morning before brushing your teeth or going to the bathroom.

2) You plan your vacation so you will always be within wifi range.

3) You have two different internet connections plus a mobile card -- just in case.

4) You live within walking distance to a Starbucks with WiFi. You know, just in case.

5a) You have one of those programs that allows you to check multiple clickbank accounts at the same time.

5b) You use it at least every 30 minutes.

6) You've ever thought about hiring a programmer to write software that would integrate all your different accounts so you would only have to push one button to get all your stats.

7) You take your computer with you when you go to the park/hiking/swimming/biking/etc.

8) You take your computer with you on dates.

9) When you drop your date off you ask her if you can come inside and use her computer.

10) You've ever woken up in the middle of the night and checked your stats.

Brock (who's been guilty of every single one of the above at one time or another)
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