What are your thoughts on SMS Text Marketing on Cellphones?

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Hey Guys...

Wanted to know your thoughts on building Cellphone SMS Text Lists. If you were able to do this cheaply and have all the optin and optout features that Fortune 500 companies have do you think it would be useful? Also, how would you use it?

Lets hear your thoughts...

Lovin Life...
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    I think cell phone marketing is going on right now, and if it is not...It will be. MMS and SMS marketing is really going to grow very quickly. I think the idea is cool. Just another way to "get in there"

    But right now, the limitations of most phone browsers won't allow really good marketing, so this will be a huge thing in the near future.

    Jeff Mitchell

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    I think it is a great way to get in touch with prospects, I have setup several promotional campaigns for event companies that have alerted their customers and guest by SMS even did some for a few restaurants who would send out codes to get discounts on drinks or food items ever so often... went very well for everyone I have seen use SMS marketing.
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    I think this is going to be a very good medium for local "lifestyle" companies. This would be night clubs, restaurants, golf course's, gym's, membership business models, etc. etc.
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    I love SMS marketing and it is getting bigger and bigger. I started my own SMS marketing service in January and it has really taken off. I let my clients know that having their own house-one they can market to over and over again, is one of their businesses most valuable assets. By following my suggestions, I'm getting a lot of clients telling me that they have received significant boosts in traffic and sales on their slow business days.

    Keep in mind that SMS marketing has been big in Europe for years. It's relatively new to the U.S., but is catching on quickly.
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    Infuriated lol :O)?
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