Has this happened to those who are pay for membership sites? [short rant]

by Big Al
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Joined a membership programme on 1st December ... so that makes it roughly 12 weeks and I'm waiting for week 7s content.

Seems that the weekly updates aren't quite weekly which is either because of a) technical difficulties b) they're still creating it as they go or c) it's a sneaky way to increase the term of membership (adding a few days here and there).

Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Some of you might say "Is it adding value, making you money and moving your forward?" And if so, then it's still worth membership. The answer is "Yes - I'm keeping up with the weekly tasks and end up waiting for them".

Thing is .. I'm a paying customer and if I'm lead to believe I get weekly updates I think I'm entitled to them. Shoot me down if you disagree!

Is this common to continuity programmes anyone here has joined?

End of little (polite) rant : )

Oh yeah ... the bigger pain in the ass is being an affiliate for them .. cos you think "Should I really recommend this to my list?!" Based on content .. yes - based on reliabilty and satisfaction with customer service - not really.
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    Ditch the membership and don't promote them.

    If the site owner can't live up to his/her promise then they don't deserve your money or your time.

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    That's a tough one. I am not a fan of sites that do not deliver what they say they will. I do not think you are paranoid at all. You were promised one thing when u signed up and now they are not delivering. I personally would not recommend something like this to my list. You want to make sure you stand behind the product 100%.

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    I would leave them. I stuck with a program once, they had the same thing.

    Finally they left with my money and shut down before everything was done. I lost money following their recommendations too. This was a long time ago, but just a warning to you.
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