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I have bought a new domain and home page content posted and upload it to my ftp.
I wanted to the site get indexed in google on that day. So I have gone through some sites and finally I got some idea of making it.

I went to and I pasted my website, it gave me 663 back links. example

I picked the full URL and pasted it in google and hit enter. Randomly I did the same process for more than 50 links. I went to I made 3 posts. I got a link from digg which is followed by my domain link.

I copied the digg link(followed by my link) I made some book marking this link in delicious, mixx, diigo, jumstags etc.

I created a twitter account in my domain name. and I extracted more than 1000 email addresses from Free web based email address extractor from text.

Copied all the email addresses and went to my twitter account - clicked find people, invited people by "invite people by mail" as soon as I did I was following about 500 and 30 are following me.

I made 5 tweets. That's it. after 6 hours. my website has been indexed by google. Use this method if you wanna try.
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    I hate to rain on your parade but some of us do this regularly in less than 10 minutes and get ranked high on page 1 out of millions in the process as a matter of course.

    The key is not whether you get indexed , that is almost irrelevant but whether you get indexed for highly competitive searched terms and get ranked on page 1 or page 2 at the very lowest.

    Otherwise its preety pointless.

    I am not trying to be a spoiler but too many beginners get hung up on the indexation thing without considering that the whole object of this exercise is to make money, and to make money you have to be highly visible and easily found with on free seach, or ppc, or through affiliates.

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      Sean Wells Newbie will be confused if I explain PPC here. don't u see the title " I mentioned as free" this is for new comers. Every new person will think how will our site indexed by google, so that I gave a post here. More over I know how to get rank 1 and make my page in the first page of the google.

      If you are good in SEO why can't u make a post for getting first page rank.

      anyway thanks for the comment
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        yeah but with all due respect you are misleading them to believe that indexation on its own is such a big deal -it is not

        especially if they are on page 190 million and one

        SEO is for the experts - not me- this is not high level SEO

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    Sometimes if people don't know the first steps... it could take their website longer to actually get indexed in a SE. Getting indexed is at least one of the first steps. And achieving indexation on the very first day you publish your website on the web... can't go wrong there!

    I didn't know about ... and with this post I learned about it. Backlinks are very important.

    I enjoyed reading your post netbank4all ... it gave me some more options and good ideas.

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      As you is always a good idea to learn from other peoples years of experience and mistakes ... IM is primarily a mind game...all the top marketers will tell you that , without the right mental approach you are doomed to fail and fail big by focusing your time and money on the small things that make you feel good but acheive very little... but each to his/her own

      Just trying to prevent newbies from making the same mistake that many of us successful marketers have made in the early days at great cost

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    Getting indexed is the first step to SEO and doesn't take much time at all. I don't understand why someone would say its not a big deal and a "big mistake".

    Crawlers will crawl a website every few days if you direct them to, and as long as the content is changing on consistant basis and based on LSI and targeted keywords a webpage will get higher indexing.

    Google is in constant need of our higher quality and valuable content... our webpages are the driving force of their enormous success.
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