I quit my job, but...

by Sten M. Andersen 16 replies
I need some help clearing my head and defining a plan.

In June I handed in my resignation, and as according to Norwegian laws, I had to work July, August and September before I could go.

Now my IM business wasn't supporting me and my family, so I had secured a deal with a company to send some programming work my way come October.

However, when the US banks collapsed, so did the market for independent programmers in Norway, it seems.

So the bills are pouring in (like bills do), but my money has basically stopped. My wfe's salary cannot pay all the bills, and I really don't feel like selling my two year old son :-/

Now, I do have a IM type business in the self development field. I have about 1,000 unique visitors per day, and a list of more than 15,000 people who all signed up to improve their memory.

I'm just about to finish creating a "firesale" to my list, so that should take care of some immediate cash flow problems (hopefully... I'm basically using a template that has brought me around $2000 when I've used it before).

But basically I need this business to support us within 30 days. Or bad stuff will happen.

Any ideas on what the best course of action would be? I'd really appreciate some input.

Best regards,
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    hmm.. you could set up a membership site: $14 per month - and offer the first month for free (or $1) if they sign up NOW.
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      Originally Posted by ChrisByrns View Post

      hmm.. you could set up a membership site: $14 per month - and offer the first month for free (or $1) if they sign up NOW.
      Yes try to setup a monthly membership site, so that you can count on the money coming in every month. That is the hardest thing to do is count on IM being consistent month after month.
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        Could you offer another service that is in demand? How are the markets for what you do in the rest of the world? I've had clients with my writing from all over the world... A membership site is a good idea as well - you can start a site in the self development niche and get some of your current members to subscribe.
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    Hello Sten,

    First you should assess your marketable skills. If you can design
    websites or anything at all that people would pay you for, think
    about doing that to bring a steady income. Product development
    projects that are iffy should be worked on when you're not doing
    anything productive - making real money. You can make it work
    you just need to be focused, manage your time, and strive for
    tangible results.
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    Don't lose hope man. As long as you can breath you could always do something.

    There's so many ideas that you can act on.

    If your site has a lot of visitors why not run your own ad campaign. Contact local companies if they want to run their ads on your website.

    If its near election time in your place make a killing by asking if candidates are interested to be featured in your site.

    Ask local companies, politicians, local movie stars, college or universities if they want to have their website develope. Do off-line marketing.

    While doing one of the above, if you want to, you can try selling your site to SitePoint : New Articles, Fresh Thinking for Web Developers and Designers membership sites can be sold 36 or 48 times their monthly earnings. So if your site is earning atleast 1000.00$ per month you can sell it for 48k.

    I felt bad when you said you don't want to sell your child

    Is this true? is this how bad things are? A possibility of selling your child

    Hope things work out for you.

    Last thing, sometimes when troubles come our way all at the same time we tend to get nervous and jump to so many conclusions as if terrible things will happen.

    If we remain calm. Focused and take baby steps towards sustaining ourselves we will see that in the long run life will still turn out alright.

    You know why I know this? I haven't been earning anything for two months now. I've been dependent on the wife for basic needs and learned to limit the things I want to the most basic of necessities. I'm still here. I found a new and better way to earn. There's always sunshine after the storm. You'll just have to stay calm and accept the things you can't do and do the things you can.


    P.S. I hope this is not just a run for the keywords..If you don't understand what I'm talking about simply ignore this P.S. Im quite cranky when I don't get enough sleep. :-)
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the great ideas so far. Omar, I am definitely not selling my kid, that's more like a joke. The funny thing is that I do *not* feel desperate... I feel freedom and hope. Still, I need to do the right things in the right order for this to work out well.

    That's why I took a step back and asked my fellow warriors to help me organize my thoughts a bit. Please, keep the suggestions coming :-)

    Best regards,
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    Hi Sten,

    A quick suggestion and a few ideas to help your situation. As mentioned, seriously do an assessment on your interests, talents and capabilities and then Focus on one thing and do it well...

    Use the warrior forum search feature and search out the many excellent Free ideas, many that contain great plans for those who are ready to Focus on one idea at a time...

    A few great examples in my opinion and the warrior forum is loaded with these babies...
    Best Warrior Threads

    Creatively turn this life experience into a WSO and you're on your way!

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    Or a membership site with a shorter $1 trial, bring in some cash quicker.

    With a list that size, should have no problem making good money.
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    Market more products through your list. Pass along some cheap reports, have some material created for an upsale.

    You can also spend some time directing more traffic to your website, but with a list like that I would start there first.
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    Ok, perhaps ya'll hate me for this statement, but: "build a list, focus on marketing..blahblah" ..what's the point of that? He's got a list, he's asking for a solution to a specific problem. Don't just increase your postcount, try to help. I see those kind of replies every-****in-where and i'm sick of 'em.
    Sten, i will think about your problem and when i come up with an answer, i'll shoot you a PM.
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        Originally Posted by Imran Naseem View Post

        :rolleyes: I dont understand what you are trying to say here, so please clarify.

        I was trying to find a solution - ..
        really.. ok, i apologize, you're the man. forgive me.
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    I hear you Steve...I worked for a major US Bank up to last March and basically got myself fired. I reached a stage in my life where I drew a line in the sand and decided to follow my dream. It was " do or die ", it was " if not now, then when ? ".

    My expertise is in sports investing and I want to create an internet business in conjunction with that. After taking the summer off, I am now in full throttle.....

    I know a lot of people have said it, but i believe it to be totally true. If you do anything in life, everything goes a whole lot easier when you do something that you sincerely love doing. When you reach that stage, you never have to " work " another day in your life :-)
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