Offline Marketers:I'm offering free web design and charge for me to sell it.

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hey (sorry for my english its not first language for me)

I want to try and offer free web designs on wordpress for local businesses and charge them on hosting every month...

how much would you charge?..

how would you sell this offer?
...what can i say to the local businesses to show them it will be worth to pay (maybe 30$ a month?) and show them it will be much more worth then what they pay...

what should i say them on phone so it will look it very great option...

i want to start from cold calling for those businesses to save the expensive...and maybe later expand this...

please help me to begin i'll be very grateful!.
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    Honestly, I would not charge $30 per month for hosting a website. I think
    the price is a bit high. Hostgator allows you to host unlimited domains for
    $10 per month. But if you are offering other services along with hosting, then
    maybe it's fine.

    For getting the client, what I would do is build them a sample website based on
    their business, then give them a call and show them the website. If the client
    is interested you can then get a domain name and charge for the hosting.

    Clients like to see what they are buying, so show them the website!
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    See all these off-line guys always spoutin' off around here?
    Most of the time if a client needs a site including hosting, domain and web design
    maybe one of them could make a deal with you?
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    I would love to see your design service...I could sell this for you potentially...

    Mac the Knife
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      i want to offer domain+design+hosting for something like 30 $ a month...

      the design will be on wordpress..and i'll let the customers the ability to make changes on their site...

      what do you think about it?..

      do you have any more suggestions for actually making the sale and convince them to get this....
      what can i tell them so they will be enthusiastic about this opportunity?...

      thanks a lot!
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        I don't think $30 a month is to expensive. Your market would probably be the type of customer that have no interest in learning about hosting, registering domain names, etc. They want you to take care of it all....and if they can get a web design for $0, they are even happier to hear more/consider your services.

        I build complete sites from back end to user interface with attention to detail and effective communication. If you want to get your project done CONTACT ME now to discuss your needs.

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