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I have a question on building lists. I have seen and heard of giving away stuff to build lists, selling stuff for $7 to build the list. I had a PLR item on surviving the recession that I wanted to put on Squidoo on a give away to capture names to build a list but the license prevented me from giving it away free. I struggled with selling it for a couple of dollars just to stay within the license terms but couldn't make myself satisfied with the copy was anything more than a blatent sales pitch, which is not appropriate under their terms as I understand it. I may be absolutly wrong in that but never the less...

My question is, is it worth while giving stuff away to build lists to try to go back to and sell, or when you build lists with folks from a free item, they are much less likely to end up parting with actual money for a product?

I am at a point where I need to generate some kind of income soon, and I thought list building may be the best way. Being on disability my income is very limited and anyone who has had to live on SSDI knows it does not pay enough to live on. Especially when you have to support a wife (who can't work because of my health problems) and disabled adult child (also unable to work). I feel that I can manage to make a go of the internet, and this was to be my first venture I think. I tried a blog but that isn't going too well so far. I plan to continue with that and hopefully make something out of it eventually, but I need to generate some cash soon. Doesn't have to be a lot, but I have to do something.

So I am asking for feedback on my list building project. Would placing some offers for free downloads of PLR eBooks on Squidoo and or any other such sites be worth the trouble? Or should I just try to sell items for $2 to $7 to build the list?
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    Hi Tim

    I have some free PLR stuff you can give away if you want it but....

    Do you have anything you can write and package to give away. I would not consider charging for sign ups - you will not get any.

    PM me if you want the free stuff but you should write your own stuff. You sound as though you have plenty of life experience to me.

    the other thing is to look at a niche that is not IM related. I think you are making it very hard for yourself by starting here.

    Keep in touch
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      There are many great folk around here in WF.

      People are coming with new innovative ideas every day:

      Coming to your list building:
      You can develop list by offering PLR /Master resell right ebooks or products. They don't have any copyright restrictions especially PLR iI think. Do a search on google for them. You can buy them low price and start giving away to build a list.

      Reg. selling:
      Create something of your own. In long run it gives you more money than any other ventures. Like a product around your profession or hobby ...

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    In my opinion the best lists are previous customers of yours, they have already purchased in the past, so you know they are truly interested in the niche and they are not just lookiing for freebies. Sending them some freebies won't hurt though
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    Hey there!,

    The best advice I can give you man is keep working on building a viral way to get multiple people subscribing into your list, keep giving away amazing free content in return for the name and email.

    You don't necessarily have to have a huge list to have make a lot of money you can have a small list and make literally thousands from!

    Here's something that has made me a pretty significant amount of money...
    Creat a concentrated list of people that love great deals and getting discounts. You can easily do this by telling people before subscribing that you will be subscribing to "THE V.I.P Newsletter" and you they will be getting ridiculous discounts, offers, and free products and much much more just for being on this exclusive list.

    I tested this for about 4 weeks and I managed to get a list of 200 to 400.
    After giving away a lot of free quality products I started offering one time deals, and giving away affiliate rebates and it worked out very well for me in the end.. well I'm actually still building that list and still making money from it. Good luck man, hope this helped you out man!


    -Alex Kaplo

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