How Do I Do This In Wordpress

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On my website managed by wordpress I have a lot of Parent pages that have more than 5 sub pages each.

I want to improve internal linking within my website. I want it to be in such a way that when any Parent page is open (or a sub page) all the other subpages under that parent page should show on the sidebar.

Let me elaborate with an example. Lets say I have three parent pages.

1) Contractors by state
2) Builders by state
3) Marketers by state

Under each parent page is a sub page such as Alabama, Washington.. and so on.

I want it to be in such a way that when someone visits the parent page (Contractors by state) the sidebar should show all the sub pages listed within it (such as Alabama, Washington)
It should continue showing the same thing for all sub pages under that particular parent page.

I know I have a tendency to over complicate things when I explain.. I'm pretty sure i have done that above.. I do however hope someone understood what I was trying to ask.

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