Starting a Store with around 900 products

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I am about to set up a store with around 900 products in it. Does anyone have suggestions for either ecommerce hosting companies or shopping cart scripts.

I appreciate any help in advance. I will be selling licensed team football helmets, between the NFL and NCAA.

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    I think you better try joomla with shopping cart extention; which is hot in the industry these days.
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      Hi Steve,

      I have an ecommerce store. Just curious, are you going to be stocking the products, or are you going to be an affiliate?

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      I use zencart on a bluehost server. I hired a pro to set it up properly and do the graphic design - got them on I thought it would be easy to setup with fantastico deluxe, but it wasn't.

      On the plus side, i've been able to install a number of custom plugins by myself with support from the zenforums.

      If I was in your shoes though, I'd take a look around at the competition or other sites that you like and are easy to buy from, and either look at the code to see what they are using or just ask them.

      Often for smaller or less professional installs, the name of the software is listed at the bottom of the main page.

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    I am going to be selling the products, more as less as a dropshipper. However, I live very close to the supplier, so I will be picking up the products there after I sell them, and shipping them myself.

    Thanks for all the answers so far. I was originally considering Yahoo Small Business, now I have more ideas.

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    Here's a rundown of a whole bunch of open-source carts:

    Open Source E-Commerce Shopping Carts – Best Of | Tools

    This one came highly recommended by a Warrior who knows his stuff:
    SunShop Shopping Cart Featured Shops

    I like Drupal as a development platform for larger sites. It has a
    shopping cart called Ubercart which integrates nicely with it.

    Lots of people sing Magento's praises but be warned that it
    is a real resource hog. Great system, but generally requires
    at least a VPS.
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    I'm setting up an online store and currently running with OpenCart. The store isn't live yet so I'm not sure how well it will work out but so far it's pretty decent.

    Easy to install and setup, although with some limitations on how you can receive payment and you can't really set different options for one product (i.e. different sizes with different prices). Maybe you can actually do that with OpenCart, just that I've not found out how.

    Otherwise it's pretty decent. Default template looks great, loads fast and the interface is clean and easy to use.

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    I'm going to look through all of these. Thanks for your help.
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  • I suggest Drupal with the UberCart addon. Free, runs very fast with the Boost addon which is also free. Excellent free SEO plugins available as well. Not to mention it is very easy to theme. Lots of freelancers out there are working with Drupal these days. Definitely has to be one for your list to check out.
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    I have done a ton of these type of site's using oscommerce, they rank really well as they are very SEO freindly.

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