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I've written a few dozen articles for ezinearticles, and I have noticed a couple trends which I thought I'd share.

On my website I promote a boring household product that everyone needs, but no one cares about it, no one wants to read about it, but they come to Google to comparison shop for them once every couple years when they need one. I have written a few articles about the product, and yes they do have a higher click through rate compared to when I write off-topic, but the article views are dismal and NONE have been syndicated.

On the other hand, I wrote a few articles about Firefox, Mac, Windows, and some other software, and these have been widely syndicated, earning my website links all around the web.

It seems that for this particular niche, and maybe yours if you promote a product like this, all the advice around here about pre-selling, making an excellent resource box, clickthrough rates etc. don't really apply. What we really need is articles that have a super-high probably of being syndicated so that we get backlinks from all over the web for every article we write.

There are millions of websites about technology gadgets and popular computer software which will publish your article if you write on those topics. I don't even think most of them read the article or care about its quality - they're just looking for certain keywords. I haven't tried yet, but I would guess that twitter and facebook would have similar results.

So if you're mostly interested in getting backlinks as opposed to click-throughs, you might try writing on these topics.

Now my question to everyone else: What other categories besides these have you found to be regularly and widely syndicated?

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    If you write an article that has a unique angle, so called "link" bait than a lot of people should publish it. That's what I was told anyway.
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      Right totally true, but what I mean is that when I wrote on these technology related topics, they seemed to be automatically republished just by virtue of their topic.
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        Subjects that are especially newsworthy or currently topical will attract a lot of attention.

        If you can tie in a celebrity to the topic, you'll get loads of traffic.

        There were many articles linking (tenuously) Oprah and other celebrities to **** Berry. I think she had to clamp down on that activity.

        Has Paris Hilton ever visited your dating site or spoken about using online dating services?

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          Originally Posted by vicone View Post

          If you can tie in a celebrity to the topic, you'll get loads of traffic.

          Yes! You're absolutely right, I've seen this in action as well. Plus there are probably a ton of celebrity news scrapers which will pick up your articles if you write on the most popular ones.

          This is the kind of stuff I was talking about, thanks.

          One of the reasons I'm pretty sure stuff gets published automatically is I wrote an article about why people should NEVER use a certain piece of exercise equipment, then some site which sells that piece of equipment had my article published on his site, complete with anchored dofollow links. Nice!
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    Thanks. It never occurred to me that an article that is good for republishing will create a high volume of backlinks. Now that you say it, I think, sure of course. But it just didn't dawn on me. Good tip!
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      You are absolutely right. The problem is for a long time we were told that backlinks from pages with content on the same topic as your page have better value. I suppose that's why I keep my articles relevant to the niche that I am generating backlinks for. And the presell thing I think is pretty important.
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        Yeah relevant links are what people always go on about, but as the OP is getting at links from anywhere will help in the long run!
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    Yeah. Look at the top Digg articles in your niche to get an idea of what type of related articles get syndicated and attract attention.

    Tech/Computer articles will get syndicated a lot because there are a lot of autoblogs in that niche taking anything that gets thrown at them.

    If you are struggling to get traffic from your ezine (or similar) articles then try approaching popular sites in your niche and write for them instead. It doesn't hurt to ask...

    A great article on a great site will get a good buzz about it and start making you look like an expert on the subject.
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    I wrote a very good article about a product that I'm promoting and mentioned that 3 different celebrities have used the product. Ezine refused to publish it saying that it was against TOS?
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      Submit the article to Unique Article Wizard. You'll create 3 versions of it, and they'll syndicate it to 50 places per day. As long as your HTML code is Kosher, they don't get too concerned about content and your author box links are required to stay intact when other sites pick up your content. Only downside is the cost - $69 per mo. PM me if you want me to submit for you (as a one time favor) and let me know if you get traffic.
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        I wrote a very good article about a product that I'm promoting and mentioned that 3 different celebrities have used the product. Ezine refused to publish it saying that it was against TOS?
        EzineArticles won't allow you to mention a celebrity by name as using a product. They believe this might be considered an implied endorsement. They pointed this out to me once when I wrote about celebrities who had actually worn a wedding dress by a prominent designer. I substituted a generic term ('well-known celebrities') for the names and that was acceptable.

        There is nothing to stop you indicating the names on your own website if you're careful to stick to publicly known facts and avoid hinting at an endorsement. For instance, it was clear that certain famous actresses had actually worn the dresses, without offering an opinion about them.

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    Okay so who is doing the ebook for "how to get syndicated" Actually i guess it is there already. I never thought about this I was just focusing on Ezine approval thinking that the ultimate goal.... It helps when you think what Ezines ultimate goal is and align yourself to that for best results
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        I know that I would snatch up a WSO that had information on how to write articles that were more likely to get syndicated....where to publish; what publishers look for; when, where, why, who, what, etc...

        It does take a great leap of faith to move away from what is preached (tons of articles, spin the crap out of them, blast them out to hundreds of directories, backlink the crap out of your crap)
        ***Affordable Quality Content Written For You!***
        Experience Content Writer - PM Bretski!
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  • Thanks for the info, very useful!
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    Found this thread enlightening. Have personally never really ventured into the world of E-Zine article marketing. Have always used contractors. May do so shortly.
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