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Hello! I'm working as an affiliate online and I also write poems, I'd like to promote both the product I'm promoting as well as my poetry online to my wordpress blog. My question is, should I create two seperate blogs and seperate each individually? Or...continue doing what I've already put about a week into development already which is have my affiliate progress as well as my poetry individually categorized and seperated on the same blog??

I was going to leave it how it is, but this question came up because I thought about putting an optin box on my blog. However if I do that, I would need two seperate lists for my product, one for my affiliate work and one for poetry right..its not like you can combine a list like that.

Is there a possible way to place two sep. optin boxes for both? I suppose that could be possible but then again, I don't want my sidebar to look too congested, and be confusing. Any suggestions on this?
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    Here's a way round your problem. use an exit popup for one and have a static one in your sidebar.
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    If you want to continue with just one blog - you could use one opt-in box in a sidebar that is only displayed on the poetry page and another in a sidebar that is only displayed on your affiliate page.

    I'm not clever with coding - I'm sure someone here could tell you which bit of code to modify to do that.

    I just know that in my favourite theme (Atahualpa) you can do that from within the theme options.

    As to whether it's sensible to continue with one site only - my instinct would be to use two separate sites. Then you can use keyword optimised domain names.
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    I recommend 2 separate blogs. Stay targeted to your audience.

    On my blog, right now, 90%+ of my opt ins come from a light hover box that appears on a users first visit. Having 2 separate blogs will make the opt in process much easier.
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