Squeeze page critique please

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My target market are people who are somewhat new to Internet marketing but not total newbies. My approach is If I can do it so can you.

How can I improve this squeeze page? Oh, I don't have the graphic of the report cover done yet.

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    Hi Dee,

    Go to this website and read that report. It covers almost every
    information I know about squeeze pages. It's not very "wordy"
    but the pictures tell you quite a lot.

    If the report doesn't help, feel free to ask on the forum.

    10conversionsecrets.com (not an affiliate link)

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    I like what I see but if you ask, here is my feedback.

    I'd like to see (me though, personal feedback) those first 3 bullet points removed and insert what you wrote in the second series of bullet points.

    And then put your opt-in form either above these or right next to it. Erase everything else you wrote between your first set of bullet points you have now and your opt-in form, also PS and PSS.

    I'd make it 1/2 of its length you have now.
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    Overall, I believe it will work effectively. Best of luck to you!

    Michael Cruz
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    I would suggest moving your sign-up box higher on the page and cutting the page length by at least 30%. Its good material, just the length and putting the sign-up box "below the fold" may reduce sign-ups. If in doubt, do a split test on it and go with the winner.
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    I don't know... the copy is a bit weak for me.. doesn't really make me want to sign up.

    First, because your bullet points isn't enticing enough, you need to list more benefits focusesd on the making money aspect because that's why people are wanting to opt into your list.

    Second there's too much text up top, too much to read and doesn't get into it fast enough. Your free report text is too small and it doesn't really jump out at me enough.

    I would maybe make the text shorter, write some better bullet points with benefits and make the opt-in box stand out more, at the moment it's just kind of blending into all that text.

    Headline could definitely be improved also. Remember you need to get people's attention in under 5 seconds or sth like that, better headline should make people want to read more, not make them go, oh I've seen this somewhere before, you know what I mean?
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    Why not try audio so your visitors can get to know you better and get a feel for your personality. Try audioacrobat.com for an easy, painless way to get audio up on your site. They have a 30 day free trial.

    All the best,

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