Need Advice from Experienced Warriors about whether or not to keep a domain name

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A while back I started a 'site build it' website and struggled and struggled to learn the web building tool. The domain name is/was

I knew nothing about nothing about nothing.......I didn't even know what monetize and affiliate really meant. As a result I removed teh content (though I still have it) and parked the domain which I continue to pay $5 month.

Believe me when I say the content was crap and would need to start from scratch if I were to relaunch the site.

Anyway, this evening I was thinking I really should just cancel the site, as in, stop paying to keep something I have no use for, and I came across a website that said it was worth $1314 USD.

The website was

These days I know a lot more than I did then but I certainly would not say I know enough to know what to do!

Should I try and sell the site - if indeed I could get anything like that for it, or, should I try and make it work for me.

The money would come in handy for a great many things, including giving me enough to get a ticket home; 'proving' to my doubting family that I am not a scamming leech and it really is possible to legitimately make money online; paying someone to pretty up an ebook I just wrote; paying for help with copywriting and autoresponder to make money from the ebook I just wrote........

Any and all advice would be welcome. I really don't have a clue what's best.

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    Personally I would cancel your payments and put it down to experience.

    I really can't see any reason to pay $5 for a blank site!

    As to the site evaluation - there are lots of evaluation tools out there that will tell you your site is worth anything from $0 to $xxxxx.

    A site with no content, no visitors, no list and no income is worth just nothing. Just leave it and move on.
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    Just start afresh
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    Thanks ladies and gent!

    We live and learn!
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