Squeeze or Sales Page?

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All my competitors send their traffic straight to a sales page some also have built in opt-in on this page and many of these competitors sell very well.

Many IM advise to not send people to sales page but to a squeeze page.

I was planning doing the same as my competitors with a built in opt in - maybe different techniques work better in different niches? I know the squeeze page works very well within the making money niche and maybe there is a reason why all my competitors (solving health problems) send traffic straight to sales page?

Any thoughts anyone?
Many thanks
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    It depends on if you have something free to give people to sign-up through your squeeze page.

    This sounds like a simple answer, but my advise would be to split test and see which works better for you. If all your competitors are going through the sales page, there might be a reason for it.

    But, the best thing to do is split test for a short period of time and see what brings you in the best results.
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      I understand your question as I am facing a similar situation for a product I will launch in two months. Here is how I handled it. I have a sales page, but I also have an opt in box as part of the sales page and I also have an opt in pop under that appears over the sales page. In my mind, this gives me the best of both worlds, although I am giving up the longer copy to sell the opt in concept if that is all I devoted the page to. Hope this helps, Ed.
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    The danger here is becoming pre-occupied with "getting it right" on the first try that you end up doing nothing.

    Come up with a list of things to test and test them, only then will you have the right answer.

    NOBODY - no guru, nobody on this forum, can give you the right answer.

    Only your market, visitors, customers, prospects, etc are right.

    Here is a sample list of things to test and see which gives the best results and eventually you will come to the right format and model and increase revenue over time...

    1) opt-in form on it's own page
    2) salespage on its own with an opt-in pop-in window
    3) opt-in form with a salespage underneath it

    Test each of these scenarios with a decent amount of visitors and
    see what the best results are - then you will know which works best
    for your market, with your marketing, with your product, etc.
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      Originally Posted by jamawebinc View Post

      3) opt-in form with a salespage underneath it

      actually this sounds like a good idea but i have vever seen a site like this!
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    Originally Posted by copyaexpert View Post

    For people that want money now it will make sense to send visitors straight to the squeeze page. For people thinking long-term and building relationships with potential customers they will always use squeeze page first.
    I guess you meant if you want to make money now it will make sense to send straight to sales page!? and the later to squeeze, I am sure that is what you meant?

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    I agree with CopyaExpert, you should always be thinking long term here and the best ways to get this done is through the use of a squeeze page. You will lose sales upfront but you will able to build a much bigger list. In my opinion, your #1 goal should be to build your list as quickly as possible.

    Once you build up a biggest list you can start to leverage with JV's and product promotions. The key here is to think long term and always treat your list like gold. Because a good list is worth about $1 per person/ per month.
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    You can do both! Create a 'squeasy' sales page that contains an optin form and an offer. Check my link below to see one in action!

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      nicely done, thanx for link. How effective has the opt-in been for you?
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    send them to a sales page.. then barrage them with 500 popups to opt in or else. people love popups. so this will work like magic. lol

    Honestly. you've got pretty solid advice in here so far.

    When deciding with what you should go with.. Don't guess. Let the #'s tell you what works and what doesn't.. So test it all.

    I can tell you straight up though, that people on your list are worth 1,000x more than any visitor to your sales letter.

    So find a way to get them on your list.. whether by doing a squeeze page first.. or a popup box on the sales page / or Footer ad on the sales page / and or an exit pop etc.
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