Newbies: Maybe we should STOP waiting for our rankings.

by Matt Hoey 5 replies
I've been doing a lot lately, taking action, but i've noticed my work rate has dropped off because i keep checking to see if i'm ranking and making money yet. So much that i'm not making as much progress and yet i keep finding more and more keywords to write for.

So i've realised that i should stop checking google for my website so much and one sense "work blindly". I should stop expecting results for another few weeks and keep on writing because if i stop, i may not see the results i want to see, where as if i keep on writing, submitting, researching chances are i'll wake up one day with a few sales and some ranked articles.

Just thought i'd share that with you since i can see it becoming a sticking point.

As they say, patience is a virtue.

*** you know what, i think i'm going to blog this.
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    Matt, I don't even remember the last time I checked to see what my
    rankings are (I assume you mean Alexa). I don't have a clue, nor do I care.
    I just go about my day, do what I have to do, and the sales and the rankings
    will take care of themselves.
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    I've got a new website, it's my first website where i can feel success, so with each new page i'm checking constantly "is it indexed yet" "is it ranking for my keywords yet". Success is so important to me it's hindering my progress, which is why i felt the need to write this post.
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    I think Matt's talking about Google Search results for articles. I can imagine people doing that but I don't think this is something everyone does too often (maybe people do, I don't know).
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    • Profile picture of the author Marian Berghes
      I had/have the same kinda of problem..every day I check google and stuff to see if i got any sales or opt-ins etc... I too realized that it is slowing me down so I kinda stopped that now...I am going for your model too, just keep on writing, promoting etc...and ill try to check maybe a couple of times a week just so I know how to improve what I am currently doing
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    for someone who is starting off this is a knee jerk reaction looking for rankings

    everyday look at what you can do to promote your site at different places, don't just do one kind of promotion

    after awhile you will start seeing traffic from different places coming in

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  • Profile picture of the author Ron Killian
    After 10 years, I still find myself falling into that trap, checking ranks or paypal too much sometimes. Yes, it can slow you down.
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