clickbank gravity from a publishers point of view

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i was wondering about clickbank gravity from a publisher's point of view
im kind of confused about them
i have been an affilite and sold some clickbank products and ebooks and always thought that a high clickbank gravity meant that a lot of affiiates are promoting this product and making sales.

well now im just about to finish my product and have it on clickbank and still wondering about the gravity numbers

for examply is the gravity number is 120.23 what does the number 23 mean and what does the number 120 mean?

for my understanding is that you need a 100 points to get to 1, does that make sense.

for all the clickbank publishers please explain it to me a bit more.

thank you
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    does anybody know

    the number 120.23
    why is it necessary to have the " .23 "
    what is that about

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