Why The BIG Disconnect?

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I hear most everyone talking about creating their own info products or services, few people will debate the benefit to your online business of taking the time to create such a product...but very few people have.

Certainly, creating your own info product is a step above building an online presence, marketing someone else's products - but I doubt it is as painful as many people may believe.

There are so many ways to package content (based on experience or research) into written, audio or video products these days that the bar really has been lowered for those who want to get there own product out there.

So...I'm asking all of you who have not yet taken the plunge (or finished your info product), why haven't you done it?

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    Most people are nervous about creating their own product not just due to initial cost but other things like customer support, legal stuff etc. Being an affiliate is much lower risk and is a lot easier.

    Also a lot of people just assume creating a product requires more time/money than it actually does.
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      Originally Posted by NinjaReports View Post

      Most people are nervous about creating their own product not just due to initial cost but other things like customer support, legal stuff etc. Being an affiliate is much lower risk and is a lot easier.

      Also a lot of people just assume creating a product requires more time/money than it actually does.
      What cost is that? Everything any one would need to create a product, no matter the format can be found for free online. I don't know where your getting a cost.

      In my opinion, it's people not taking action.
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    I think creating a product is a commitment. A product must improve over time. It involves planning and "follow through". It requires support. There is heavy competition. There are many reasons not to create a product. That said, I have enjoyed 90% of it.
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    What dvduval said. It's just a huge amount of work with no guarantee of ever making a cent from it.
    - Russ
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    Perhaps it is an identity conflict with being an "authority" on a subject enough to write something and put their name on it. All of our life we are taught by others, so switching roles and becoming the teacher is very uncomfortable as it is something they have never done before.

    Whats even more confusing is people who write ebooks for other people, but dont write for themselves, I think this may be the most difficult for me to understand. If they can write material and they dont do it for themselves is really confusing. I dont think it is really even expensive to launch something. You could put up a site, buy a graphics package and pay clickbank fee for way under $400. Is that too much for people ?
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      As someone who has great experience with selling my own products, the biggest hassle/time consumer for me has been customer support, pre-sales questions, etc.

      I have spent much more time emailing my clients back and forth over the years than I have developing my products.

      I think it all comes down to the fact that it is simply easier to sell someone else's products because they handle everything, customer support, chargebacks, legal issues, etc.

      People are lazy, they want an easy turnkey system, and that's the bottom line.


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        Jared - that's what I found as well...in fact there were so many pre-sales and post-sales questions that I started a private members site. I had hundreds of emails asking for free advice - to the point where I couldn't keep up and several consulting requests. After operating several private consulting sessions, I started to see patterns in requests, so I thought it's better for my customers and me to answer these quesitons through a membership site.

        Seems to me it is a logical extension of many product-based businesses where there are many follow-on questions.

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          It depends on what quality you want to put out there. Some Warriors have stated quite plainly that their only concern is to get the information out there. It doesn't matter whether the writing is good or not, or what the sales page looks like, etc. etc.

          For those of us who strive for perfection, or something close to it, writing your own book does take time and hard work.

          If you want books to sell on a membership site, the work load would be practically unachievable. That's when outsourcing is the only solution.

          And as someone already mentioned, getting the book done is just the first step. Next is to sell it, which depends on many factors including the quality of your sales page, demand for the book, and your marketing efforts.

          About 12 years ago, I wrote a book on how to evaluate a used car before buying it. I sold one copy. Not long after I finished the book the whole design of cars made my book obsolete.

          About 20 years ago, I wrote a booklet on teen depression that sold fairly well offline because I knew the exact audience to approach. I'm in the process of updating and preparing it for online and will see if I can do as well, or better. If I don't sell many, then I will have spent a good deal of time and research for nothing.

          So there are a lot of factors that go into whether or not to write that book.

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    To sell an info product you made you put yourself on the line.

    There is a lot of stuff to be done besides just making a product. Find a market, sell to it which means sales page, transaction management, customer service, copywriting, building your funnel.

    For me I was always kind of intimidated about making a product. Mindset is a big part of it.

    My first product didn't sell for beans, my second and third I use for giveaways to build my list.

    My third just launched this week, sales are steady and I have some affiliates this time. Not yet a barn burner but still growing.

    That was a lot to go through and I can see why some would rather just sell affiliate products or do services. I am making my next product tomorrow. Too late to turn back.
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