Have You Ever Used Adobe Ovation?

by James Liberty 2 replies
I have some questions about Adobe Ovation:

1) How do you get each bullet point to appear one at a time in presentation mode? Currently, ALL of my bullets display (immediately) whenever I go to a new slide.

2) Can you change the on-screen size of the presentation? Currently, my presentation displays at the right of my computer screen in the size of 436 x 581. I can also make it display full screen (1200 x 1600).

However, I would like to record my presentation (using Camtasia) at 480 x 640. Is there any way to make the slide-show presentation in Ovation this size so that I can record it?
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    Hi James,

    1) You need to create bullet animation in PowerPoint before exporting to Ovation. I just use Fade because Ovation will change it to whatever the PowerLook uses anyway. The bullets will come in once per click then.

    2) I use a little trick to record the presentation from Ovation. I use Camtasia to record just the preview window...not full screen mode.

    I have a tutorial on how to do this:

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks... though it seems that I need to insert the animations in manually (one-at-a-time) in order for them to work. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

    Also, when I record the Ovation preview window, the finished recording is very choppy. (I record at about 613 x 460). Any advice in regards to my settings?
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