How Do YOU?... $20 Beer For Best Answer

by Adam Carn 4 replies
Hi Warriors,

Just doing some research to get some ideas...

What is on your DAILY "to do" list in terms of promoting your website. What do you do every single day or maybe every single week? It can more than one thing.

I'll give a $20 beer to the best (more detailed the better) answer.

MODs I tried deleting my other similar post but don't know how to, you can delete it if you like, I wanted to change it to add the beer offer.

And thanks TL for your contribution previously.

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    Hey Adam try searching the forum for these

    -Article marketing (ezine)
    -Forums, get involved in forums and google groups within your niche and leave a backlink to your site in your signature.
    -Social bookmarking your site and your posts/rss feeds (Digg, Stumbleupon and so on)
    -Leave comments on relevant blogs
    -Link exchange with relevant blogs or sites
    -Ask to guest post on a high authority blog within your niche leaving a reference to your site

    -And of course, add content to your site or blog.

    Everything you ought to know about kids soccer can be found in this little community...

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    Thanks TKO,

    I'm familiar with most marketing techniques, I'm just doing some research on what you guys do on a daily basis and how you do it. It's about YOUR personal preferences.

    Taking a break...
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      Originally Posted by Adam Carn View Post

      Thanks TKO,

      I'm familiar with most marketing techniques, I'm just doing some research on what you guys do on a daily basis and how you do it. It's about your personal preferences.

      -I write 2 articles, might write a press release.
      Set up a squidoo lens, linking to my main blog and affiliate link.
      -Add content to my blog(s).
      Creep on the other people in my niche so I can beat them
      --Sit back and relax--
      Research other niches to dive into.

      One thing I love about IM is that every day is differnt!
      Some days i'm working non stop writing lens, articles and blogging.
      Other days i'm just doing some niche research and creeping around the warrior forum seeing what's new and exciting.

      Like I said every day is differnt, and I love diving into new techniques to making money online.
      The best thing I have ever done is come to the warrior forum.
      And that is what I continue to do...

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      for me it's:

      - viral videos
      - article marketing
      - social bookmarking
      - forums

      Those are the most important to that order.

      I saw a lot of people that have issues with videos and stuff... but have you really tried it out for your own business? I mean, just because you don't like watching videos and stuff...that doesn't mean your clients will have the same opinion. I can honestly say that I have had equal success with videos and articles., you may think that videos are useless but once you get to know all the stuff you can see the real power of them.

      Also anyone that needs help with videos can pm me and I will try to help them as I can.

      When it comes to article marketing, there is no best way to do article marketing, at least in my opinion, it really depends a lot on your niche..for example I have had articles that responded better to a story rather than tips or advice, ex: how I got rid of acne, and stuff like this.

      When it comes to video, a lot of people get it wrong... a lot of people try to be what they'r not, i have one thing to say: Prospects can see trough you ! If you don't believe what you are talking, then most prospects wont believe you.
      A lot of people know that they have to make a script so they can make a video.. but that is not always necessary, I did videos where I just woke up, with my hair all messed up and stuff like that and I just shot a video and sent it to my list.

      That way, people see who I really am, how do I look in the morning and thus they come to the conclusion that I am just a regular guy like them..with the exception that I know some stuff that can help them.

      In my opinion thats the way to market your list... and to market in general. Try to make some kind of connection with your list or with your website's visitors, try to be YOU... don't be fake...don't make yourself what you are not... sometimes it's better to just speak from you head than to write a script.

      And the best example I can give you guys is: I did some stage acting and also wrote play-scripts.. and no matter how hard I tried to make the script sound natural it just didn't seem that way. So I ended up adding words to some lines, adding different expressions etc... So when I was on stage with 400-500 people in front of me I always had to change the lines and the way I acted so I can feel NATURAL, not just some guy on a stage that is saying memorized words.

      Hope I helped in some way with this gigantic post . And like I said, if anyone needs some help with video creation,editing,promoting etc.. pm me and ill try to help you out.
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