What's the best way to help a singer promote his music online?

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He's currently using Twitter and Facebook and I can't help him there because his manager does that for him.

He already has a website that I designed for him. I though maybe some SEO could help but I´m having a hard time trying to come up with suitable keywords.

What type of keywords should I target? Famous singers names? Any ideas?
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    ever heard of this guy: Music Marketing Promotion Tips, Book Promotion & Sales, Self Publishing, Online Branding, Bob Baker

    he is suppose to be the "john reese" of music marketing online
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    There's a thread here that might be useful:


    And here's a case study from Aweber with Nine Inch Nails:

    How To Market Like Nine Inch Nails

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    Try using alternatives and let the hive promote you. Bit Torrent, Limewire etc are great places to find fans of your clients influencers.
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    Youtube is big for music thats how many musicians got famous
    Make a ton of youtube videos and get your name out there and get subscribers by giving away and mp3 if they sign up.
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    Definitely have a strategy to get on blogs in your genre of music. Most people I know get their new music that way. Something like brooklynvegan.com or prettymuchamazing.com. This is best coupled with a big show in their area, or a viral video.

    Also check out hypem.com which aggregates the blogs and I think gets a lot of traffic.
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      I definitely agree with mpeters. Videos would be helpful for him. Any kind of videos that will showcase your client's talent. You can embed the videos to his website as well if you are doing SEO on his site.
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    YouTube, Facebook & MySpace.
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    use tubemogul or sumthin like that and submit videos to all the video sharing websites and then use social bookmarking....
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    Upload Video previews of your songs and create fan pages at MySpace and Facebook. Also join twitter.
    Traffic Exchange - Solo Ads - Contact Solo Ads
    Social Networking For Internet Marketers to Increase Traffic to Referral Program or Site.
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    I have a pop/rock singer that I help promote. From our online efforts she has received millions of song plays, thousands of new fans, networked with industry professionals, worked with well known musicians and more. In addition she has been/is featured on many sites which has resulted in things like her ring tone being downloaded 6000 times in 24 hours on one site, close to a million plays when she was featured at another site. We have never used bots and believe in building a solid, genuine fan base.

    There are tons of ways to promote online and the best way is to use the social sites but do not be limited by Twitter and Facebook. Actively seek the sites that have the type of fan base you are looking for.

    Build a list at these sites and send out a newsletter. Reverbnation offers a free and premium version. They also have widgets to collect fans, share music etc.

    Get the fans to work for you also. Enthusiastic fans will drive traffic by starting fan clubs, spreading the word and posting the songs on their page.

    Just posting songs etc. on Youtube or joining social sites does not work. You have to know how to work each site for full effect. The "viral" thing you hear about on some of these sites is usually the work of a promotion company or bots.

    What is the goal? If the goal is to get signed remember that artists rarely get signed because they have a big fan base on Myspace. They get signed because they have a big fan base and they are actively MAKING MONEY. The big labels are going after artists who come with ready made promotion, a fan base and look they could be or are big earners. They want someone from like American Idol who already has tons of free publicity behind them and a fan base in place. Or an act who has a proven fan base and sales. They want to put in as little money/time as possible. Indies will take more of a risk but you still need to show the goods before you get signed.

    Also watch out for fakes. I cannot begin to tell you how many times she has been approached by people with one foot in the entertainment industry. They can talk the talk but nothing going on so they can't walk the walk. She has been chatted up by people posing as reporters from entertainment magazines, fake producers and more. Of course she is female and beautiful so we do get a lot of that. Cutting through the bull gets easier with experience. Never get excited till you get the signed contract and even then be careful. Lot of people out there trying to take advantage of people's dreams.

    If the goal is to get signed, definitely network and promote but get the labels to come to you by creating such a buzz with the music and solid fan base you can't be ignored. Treat it as a business.

    Today is a great time for artists. You do not need a label to get music out there. Build your own rapid fan base, you can make a solid income based on that and grow from there.

    Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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      Originally Posted by LilBlackDress View Post

      Get the fans to work for you also. Enthusiastic fans will drive traffic by starting fan clubs, spreading the word and posting the songs on their page.
      Yes. Aside from utilizing technology to the fullest, one-to-one fan engagement is still an incredibly effective form of building an organic buzz.

      A friend's alt-rock band was getting some good visibility online but their most active fans were quite the opposite of their intended audience. These fans were 12-16 year old girls and their mothers.

      But instead of rejecting this market in favor of their tough guy cred - they embraced it. Their most active street teamers received a weekly phone call from the band and mom got a care package with gift cards, etc. The fans ate this up and are now the "promotional arm" of the band, willing to champion their music wherever possible.

      Now, getting the street teamers to be adequate IM'ers is the trick

      Skype/AIM: LeadBoltBrian
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    Theres an article that talks about Facebook music apps you should be using to help promote your music - Facebook Music Apps For Musicians And Bands Fan Pages
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