Just Registered. Can I get a little help?

by MrBigDeals 4 replies
I've been looking through the Forum for a little while and it looks very interesting.

I saw a section of the Forum that said I had to pay $20.00 for 1 thread.

When I pay the $20.00 do I get to post anything I want in the thread? Like promotions or special offers? And also a link to my site?

Any help/advice will help out a ton.

If you have any advice for me about this Forum, and I didn't cover it in this thread, please fill me in.

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    Hey Mr. Deals...

    Its my FIRST day as well.....

    From what I see..its a Great forum....

    Great people..great ideas !!!!

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    When you pay, you can post a special offer to one of your own products. It's called a WSO. Make sure you read the rules and look at some WSO's for guidance.

    One thing though, you need 30 post or MORE to post in that section.

    It's not hard to achieve this. Just don't go posting a simple "thanks" to every bloody post you see just to increase your post count or you'll just get yourself banned.
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    One of the most important things in the rules about the WSO forum is that those threads are for promoting your OWN product. You must be the author. You can make a special offer that is for an original product from one of your own sites.

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    advise - Read a lot and ask questions and don't buy anything until the next day after your consider if it is something you can really use right now
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