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I am relatively new at all this and this is my first time I have ever started my own thread. I just figured out how to start it. I mostly read here, but found something interesting this morning.

I watched a video from Frank Kern something about Core Identity. He asked one question. "If there were no limitations or consequences, what would your perfect day look like?" He put the challenge forth to write it out. I did, it is 4 pages long. He encourages you to add every little detail, from where you live to what you smell throughout the day. It's really a lot about Visualization.

Anyway, I feel like a million bucks after doing this exercise and just thought I would share, and by the way, I was joined at the end of my perfect day by a significant other that I met here on the Warrior Forum, and he wears dock shoes with no socks and t-shirts that smell of laundry detergent, so where are you?
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