An autoresponder series that really teaches? Does it exsist??

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Hi all,

I am pretty sure by now that 99.98% of everyone here has signed up for someones autoresponder series to teach something or at least get something. It pretty much goes with the terrain when your starting out. Here is my question. Has anyone ever found one that really taught something? We know that mass majority are canned ham. hmmm wonder if that is where spam really comes from?

Anyway, years ago I was one of John R's list. I really don't remember if I learned anything. The only thing I remember walking away with was the name of an eBay ebook writer(its a good book )

Here is my point. We know the best way to a buyers heart is to give good content. Yet, other than a name of one person, I can't remember any series I was on that gave information that was "that valuable". I know you can't give the farm away but we have the power to change the world and be profitable doing it.

I really feel bad for some newbies. There are some marketers that have series that can easily run for years. The content is well written high polish costly spam. There is not an ounce of meat..well its flavored with meat so you come back. LOL The community is littered with guru's who sell shovels that they don't use or are not sure will work!

So the question is....have you ever been on a autoresponder series that taught you something that you are using today?

Thought of the Day. "If we can be profitable and could'nt help someone along the way, what good would we really be?"
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