Somebody Steal My Articles - Need Advice

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I need some advice from fellow Warriors.

Recently, I submit an article to (EA), EA does not approve it since they mention it was a copyright from one of the Associate Content (AC) website.

So, I've gone to to AC website and found out that this sucker actually stole 15 of my articles and submitted it to AC. The only thing that he did was change the Title of the article a little bit but the content are 100% same as mine.

I've contacted AC and EA about this but I haven't got any reply yet. I also have contacted this scumbag to delete the articles but as you guys will probably know, he simply ignore me.

What I don't understand is how the hell did he steal my articles which have not been published on any article directories yet? These articles (which I have written myself of course) stay on my hard drive all this while. Did he get some access to my personal computer or something?

I actually write all these articles and plan to sell it in WSO last time, which I did but no one is buying it. Because of that, I decided to use these articles for my affiliate promotion. Probably he managed to access to my Thank You page and still it from there I assume.

Anyhow, I'm pretty upset since I haven't heard from AC and this scumbag.

If you guys have any advice that can make this guy delete all of my articles, please provide one. I can't think straight right now since I'm a little bit angry. Maybe I can think straight once I get calm.
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    I'm sorry this happened to you before you even got a chance to benefit from the articles yourself.

    They obviously accessed your download page. If your download included a PLR certificate, then they have that certificate to use to claim that they have PLR rights to it. However, Associated Content does not accept PLR content. The articles have to be written by the author who submitted them.

    Associated Content has a specific procedure you need to follow when you wish to claim copyright infringement. If you don't follow that procedure, then you may not get noticed. The procedure link is on their site - it says something like, "Copyright Infringement". I think it's at the bottom.

    Good luck to you.

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      Hi Izrul,

      Sorry to hear this. I don't know much about your circumstances but it may be some spy programs on your computer used by this thief. Do you have any protection on your computer? If not, then this may happen.

      Recently I change my protection and removal many spy programs from my computer, what my former protection is not observed. You need to keep your computer in good condition always.

      Hope it helps,


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    You are right ibringjoy, since he managed to submit it before I even got the chance to use it myself, he has the advantages here. But as far as I remember, I forgot to include the PLR certificate inside my Thank You page. I only mention it inside my WSO sales letter.
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    I saw in my stats the other day that someone had accessed my WSO download page through a very obvious, but clever search phrase. When I clicked though, I was horrified to see how many other Warriors WSO thank you pages were there. I wanted to email every one of them and tell them their products were wide open, it was terrible to see.

    Heads up Warriors, our products are cleverly targeted. Be sure to name your pages something less obvious than I (and others) do, and once your WSO is over, take your download and Thank You pages down.

    It's the only way to stay safe.
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    Hi Sandor, I used several protection software in my PC like Spyware Doctor which I pay yearly. I also used Registry software to clean and protect my PC. I also used.... put it simply, yes, I used a lot of protection for my PC. :-)

    Lesley, I would like to hear more about your encounter so that I will not do the same mistake ever again. I will PM you.
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