How Do I Organize My Mailing Lists?

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Hello Warriors,

I am new to this forum, and have only been in IM for a couple of years.
I just recently launched my 1st Clickbank product and have built three lists:

A list for prospects (who subscribe to my Mini-Course)
A list for customers (product purchaser list)
A list for affiliates (whether they buy or not)

I am new to the list building phase and am curious of how to control my lists for prospects & customers. Should I send customers marketing messages like I send to prospects or only send them a message for an important announcement so they don't unsubscribe? Do I have too many or not enough lists?

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you,
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    Hello RandallKowalenko,
    Yes i can help you on how to Organize your Mailing Lists but it will cost you some little amount of money...Hope to hear from you soon..
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    some free advice from me here

    Keep your prospects and customers warm all the time! You probably want to use an autoresponder series for all your prospects, and when you have backend products you also want an autoresponder for customers.

    Place ALL of them, except for affiliates on a 'newsletter' list - to push content to them every week or two.

    Keep affiliates seperated, you don't want to harrass them with marketing - but instead only with useful updates from your side. Place affiliates only on the 'newsletter' list if they want to.
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      Your lists are good.

      I would suggest to have 10-15 follow up messages scheduled for the free guide list, and less for the customers (for example, on how to use your product, or how to get more benefit on it, or what additional products can help them even better). And I would add just a couple of messages to affiliates.

      So that`s on follow up messages.

      And when you do broadcasts to promote something, you will probably want to send to all 3 lists, depends on what you are promoting.

      Hope this helps.
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    Thanks everyone! I appreciate your insight. It is a bit of a learning curve to go from a single list to offering an online product where multiple lists are involved for different segments of my online community that I am starting.

    Kind regards & anyone else who has thoughts I would like to hear more!


    Happy Marketing!!!

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