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by TinkBD
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This post comes about after another good PLR purchase and a middle of the night marketing epiphany. I got out of bed to write it up so I wouldn't forget it and so I could go back to bed and get some actual sleep tonight (correction -- this morning)!

Explaining it might end up being a little long, but I hope that you will bear with me. I decided I needed to write out the entire plan myself so I didn't miss any of the details later on, and I decided that the WF might benefit as well ... *smile*

DISCLAIMER - Let me take a moment here to clearly state that the Products discussed in this post are NOT IM products and will not be promoted to the WF crowd. ;-)

In the title, the ONE refers to the PLR pack, the TWO refers to two WSOs involved (other peoples' WSOs, not mine!) and the THREE refers to the products that I will be promoting or plan to be promoting. The Now and Later refers to the fact that I am setting things up NOW for a long term campaign that won't be complete for a number of months.

OK... let me see if I can lay this out in a way that will make sense for you now and will keep me on track over the next several months... I will be printing it out for myself, and keeping it with the printed PLR in its original form, complete with my hand written notes... all of which will go in the large pile that makes up my comprehensive notes on PRODUCT C, currently in process. (I am a visual person... I need to SEE the stuff!)

ONE - One set of PLR

I purchased a lovely sequence of 10 PLR autoreponder messages from warrior MarkR. This was my first purchase from Mark, so I was possibly taking a chance, but the price was worth the risk. As I have mentioned before, my niche is business related and internet related, so some IM PLR works but not all. Interestingly enough, the better written the PLR is, the more likely it is I'll be able to rewrite it successfully for my niche... go figure!

I printed out the 10 messages and looked them over. They'll work (thanks, MarkR) after I give them a massive rewrite. Note, the massive rewrite isn't due to the quality of the PLR, it is necessary for me to implement my strategy... ;-)

I look over the 10 AR messages and I am quite pleased... 6 or 7 of them are lists of ideas, with a paragraph for each item. I can create an introductory post and then take each numbered item, expand it as a stand alone post and I'll have that many blog posts.

I use a really cool little application -- JDirPrinter -- to print out a list of the files and I make notes about how I think I will use each one. (Did I mention that I am visual and like to SEE stuff?) Anyway, I'll return to how I plan to use each message later in this post...

TWO - Two WSOs

MarkR's PLR was a WSO and this plan involves another WSO so this is the source of the TWO in the title, if y'all will allow me the liberty! LOL

The second WSO is John Taylor's Easy WP Affiliate Plugin. I had planned to purchase it in the near future, but this plan of action led me to go ahead and grab it tonight. The twist here is that I have always planned to use it -- not to promote affiliate offers -- but to promote my own products. *VeryBigGrin*

THREE - Three related products: PRODUCT A - One (or 2) GiveAways created from this PLR, PRODUCT B - One inexpensive report (already in existence and available for purchase but not promoted as much as it deserves), PRODUCT C - One higher end fixed term membership/ecourse (currently in process and due to be completed by early fall -- fingers crossed here!) Let me take a moment to explain that PRODUCT C is a massive amount of writing which is not suitable for outsourcing. I have some professional commitments and family issues that could possibly affect its completion date, so committing to a hard and fast launch date isn't practical at this time.

That gives us all of the pieces of the puzzle, now let me see if I can arrange them for you (and for me) in a way that makes sense...

The Elements of the Plan

I have the 10 messages... they will be the meat of the campaign -- after extensive rewriting and reorganizing. (Reorganizing can be a powerful way to make PLR your own.)

Here is the breakdown of messages. The order at this point is dictated by their file order on the computer, NOT by a planned order. That will come later.

Message 1 - It is a list of 4 items which will translate into 5 blog posts (an Introductory post and then one post for each item)

Message 2 - It is a list of 5 items which will translate into 6 blog posts

Message 3 - It is a list of 4 items which will translate into 5 blog posts

Message 4 - It is a list of 3 items which will translate into 4 blog posts

Message 5 - This is a goodie and wants to grow up to become a GiveAway... I will add to it extensively...

Message 6 - Another goodie and prospective GiveAway after an extensive rewrite and expansion...

NOTE - I didn't expect to end up with two GiveAways. I'll need to carefully consider how to maximize this boon. LOL

Message 7 - It is a list of 10 items in a great topic which will become a Cheat Sheet, probably available on the blog but also part of the materials given out on my membership site

Message 8 - It is a list of 10 items which will translate into 11 blog posts

Message 9 - This isn't a list but it will become a Cheat Sheet for my membership site and possibly for the blog

Message 10 - This is a topic (not a list) that at a glance wasn't a good fit for this marketing campaign or my niche... After some thought however, it is likely that I will expand it into its own product, on a par with PRODUCT B. Another option is to include it as part of PRODUCT C. Hmmmm, things to think about!

Final Total - these 10 AR messages (their original purpose) have evolved into 31 blog posts, 2 Cheat Sheets, 2 GiveAways (longer and more detailed than a Cheat Sheet) and 1 new product (an inexpensive report)

Note here that this transformation DOES involve extensive rewriting and reorganization on my part. On the other hand, it won't require a lot of hard thought. ;-)

The Structure of the Plan

Using Easy WP Affiliate, I will create a term that I can use to promote PRODUCT 2 from the moment that the posts are published. This term will be set up in Easy WP Affiliate immediately.

Also using Easy WP Affiliate, I will create a term that I can use to promote PRODUCT 3. I will NOT set up this term in Easy WP Affiliate until I am closer to launch. Because I am planning ahead, when I DO set up the term in Easy WP Affiliate, suddenly past, present, and future posts (already written) will miraculously be promoting my upcoming product. ;-)

I will put up a squeeze page ahead of time and direct folks there before launch, so I can get emails and start building a PRODUCT C list...

I will write the messages, Cheat Sheets, and the new short report... This will happen in the next week or two.

I will make sure that all posts, Cheat Sheets etc, contain the phrases I will be using in conjunction with Easy WP Affiliate. As mentioned before, I'll be promoting PRODUCT B from the beginning and adding PRODUCT C into the mix closer to launch

NOW and LATER - Implementing the Plan

I will carefully examine the topics and decide on a logical publishing order, as well as plan the timing of the posts, spanning the next 6-8 months.(31 posts over 8 months is almost 1 post a week) Posts will be preloaded into my WP blog, making them set and forget. This will start the ongoing promotion of PRODUCT B now and the promotion of PRODUCT C later.

All of this means that I will be able to combine the marketing of a pre-existing product with the promotion of an upcoming product. This is the kind of multi-tasking I love.

As I have stated before, part of the beauty of this is that I can plan and implement this fairly easily because the PLR provides me with the ideas and topics -- always the hard part of writing!

Let me make one last disclaimer here -- the equivalent of *Your mileage may vary* and *Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear*

I have been working in and writing for this niche for almost 10 years and the topic that is involved is one that I have written about and taught over the last 4 or so. This means that I know the topic and how it pertains to my niche pretty well. Due to changes in this niche, I am now free to actively promote myself and my products so I am diving in head first!

Many apologies for typos. I am the world's worst typist, even when well rested!

Heading back to bed for a few more hours of ZZZs. (I just woke up Herc, my mastiff, and he has stomped off in disgust! LOL)

Good night all!

#marketing campaign #plr #reorganization of plr
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      Wow, so detailed I don't have time to read it right now!

      I have printed it out and will read it later this afternoon
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        Originally Posted by Marakatapolis View Post

        Wow, so detailed I don't have time to read it right now!

        I have printed it out and will read it later this afternoon
        LOL That was why I took the time to write it out for myself. I knew that if I waited until later, I wouldn't remember it all. So, I got up at 4:30 AM....

        I have it printed out, clipped to the PLR itself along with my notes on the list of files and currently have it on the infamous pile of material for the PRODUCT 3 project. ;-)

        I taking a friend to a class tonight and waiting for her (she is in a cast from hand to shoulder and can't drive, bless her heart) and I am trying to decide what project I am going to take and work on for the 2 or so hours I'll be waiting.

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          This thread and Tink's previous posts are both marked for printing for me, as well. My printer doesn't work with the borrowed laptop so I'm waiting to get my new computer (not very patiently

          This is what I have been telling people. There are so many more uses for PLR than what the majority try. Too many just try to resell the PLR and that's it.

          Another awesome post!

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          That is my friend, Tink! Yes she is my friend. We are both blondes and love it.

          Great post Tink.
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            Originally Posted by Thomas Belknap View Post

            That is my friend, Tink! Yes she is my friend. We are both blondes and love it.

            Great post Tink.
            Now Thomas... you know full well that you aren't a blonde (well, maybe an honorary blonde).

            Folks, Thomas is really a redhead!
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    You know Tink, you could have written this up on your own computer, and saved it there. Instead, you took the time to share it with us. That's awesome.

    It's like sneeking a peek at someone else's business plan - many guard theirs so carefully and won't reveal anything. Your willingness to share and help is great.


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    Fantastic! Thank you.
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    This sounds like a great plan. I'm sure you'll be successfull. I added it to my sweepfile, you never know i might need it one day

    Taking it one day at a time!
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    Another SUPER post. Thanks Tink,
    Professional Article Spinner - Your Results are GUARANTEED!

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    This is one of the best posts I've ever read on using plr correctly. I have always re written plr in my own voice but your two posts have given me even more ideas. Thank you so much for sharing. I have really enjoyed this. I even waltzed over and took a look at your blog. Home

    And yes, Ms. Tiff from Texas does rock!

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    I have copied this post as well as your other post to my swipe file. Great info. Many thanks.

    I also plan to check out the WSO that you mentioned.
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    Tink, thank you for sharing your thoughts and fantastic leveraging strategy with us. You hit the nail on the head, when you said that PLR helps create ideas and topics.

    Thank you
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      I must have missed this post when you first made it but I'm glad somoene commented on it allowing it to be bumped so I could find it.

      What a fantastic and very detailed post on how to properly use PLR in order to turn a profit from it. Far too many people (myself included) routinely purchase PLR products and let them languish on our hard drive where they fail to make any money for us - .

      What I particularly like about your post is how you are able to leverage the PLR products that you purchase by using them more than once. Very smart and financially savvy.

      A single PLR product can make its owner alot of money but when you combine multiple PLR products and then leverage them to their fullest, well....that's where the real income gets generated .

      Appreciate the detailed plan and for taking the time to share it.

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        Another great post. I'm printing both of them out.
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