Physical Or Digital?

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I am currently planning and preparing my next product, and i want to attract some JV partners this time.

Because i am not well known I didn't attract any JV partners to my last product despite that it still sells well and has very low refunds and the customers love it.

The new product will work well as either a Physical product that can be posted to the customer or a digital product. As a physical product I can charge a premium and ensure that JV partners get over $100 commission instead of the $40 they would have got with my last product.

Given that both physical and digital products will serve the customers just as well which should I go for If I want to attract JV partners?
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    I think you should propose both and ask potential JV partners which they would prefer.

    There's a school of thought which says 'take the customer offline ASAP'. I don't necessarily agree but I can see the potential. Customers generally value a physical product more and there are less returns.

    The question really becomes how do you make a physical product worth the extra dollars? If it is a big course with DVDs, a printed manuscript etc then it's not a problem. If it's just a short report then you'd have trouble justifying the price to the customer.
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    It's going to be a large manual, 15 videos, audios and a software tool.
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    Why not do both?

    We developed a system that will automate delivery of both digital and physical versions of your product while you sleep just as easy as uploading and selling an ebook is.

    That way you give your client the instant gratification and the perceived value boost.
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    is that system available to everyone or just an inhouse project? If it's available pm the details
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    Nanacast allows you to publish unlimited digital and physical products and membership sites from one account with a central automation and client management and affiliate management system.

    We integrate with a couple great on demand services offering a variety of publishing options including cd, dvd, book, binder, and combo packs. You can combine physical on demand products with no minimum with digital products, podcasts, rss feeds, even membership sites. Our system automates it all.

    We even have a killer wordpress membership site plugin :-)


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    If it is physical, will you have to stock the merchandise somewhere? Or just make it for each order?
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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