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I just recently joined the Warrior forum in efforts to build my online money machine. I am just looking for a little direction, so please let me have your attention for a brief moment.

My goal here is to make money, yes. My other goal is to help others make money once I figure all of this out. A little background...

I am savvy with a computer. I can learn things quickly. although the only problem is I do not excel with scripting or techie language/coding.

In a few days I have been able to setup a wordpress blog and do some theme editing which is a little coding. so I can learn it, i just want to try and make money without it.

so far, I have setup a blog whose sole purpose is to track my progress and help others along the way while i generate cash from online business.
So the point of this post is to ask what your opinions are with the information i have given on where I should start generating cash. I have roughly $2,000 in a LLC bank account with my own LLC entity obviously.

My goal is to generate at least $200 a day within the next month. I quit my job recently and i have enough money to live for a few months without having to get another job. I want to make working at home online my job.

so here is where I am at:
I have signed up with almost 13 affiliate networks. (hydra, neverblue, etc.)
I have a legal formed entity LLC to be used to filter the cash through.
I have $2000 in cash to put towards this project. I have more cash if needed but this seems to be enough.
I have my own webhost and websites. I have some blogs.

Now I need some direction please. What should I learn to build a steady flow of income without a whole lot of techie/coding experience???
I figure PPC or maybe building an ebay niche store??? I am honestly lost on this point and if anyone has some direction it would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you will respond with some thought.

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    Wow it seems this forum moves so quickly from all the viewers and people responding...

    alot of posts get passed up quite quickly...

    Maybe I am stuck to forum browsing???
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    If you can, you should probably start by generating a number of interesting and informative articles, which can be submitted out to the better article directories with backlinks to your blog, review pages, sites and such.

    I'm a little nervous about your blog, since you're apparently just getting started in trying to make money online, yet your blog appears to be about teaching people how to make money online.

    If you're asking how to make money, how to build traffic, etc. You really shouldn't be entering into the market of teaching others how to do so.

    Most successful people in the internet marketing niche / make money online niche, started in other fields, made money online, and are teaching based on what they've learned and sharing their experience in those other markets.

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    You've asked a wide open question. It is impossible to answer it because we don't know exactly what you are selling, how comfortable you are blogging etc.

    If you look around this forum you should find lots of recommendations for ebooks and courses that might help you.

    I've found that the easiest way to start is with a review blog. Choose one or two competing products or services, write honest appraisals of what they can offer the reader and include your affiliate links. Then you'll need to write lots of posts about the subject matter, including keywords that people are looking for, and also publish those posts as articles with someone like ezinearticles.

    Once you know this system is working (e.g. 1% conversion of visitors to sales) then you can start using your best performing keywords in PPC marketing.

    You might also like to offer a free report on your blog to capture visitors name and email addresses into an autoresponder. Then create a series of messages that 'presell' the products you are promoting.

    When you've got the basics going then you can start branching out into more lucrative areas later.
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