10 Reviews Needed for 46pg ebook on 26 easy ways to instantly improve your gas mileage

by tim_benedict 2 replies
Dear fellow warriors,

I need 10 people that can review 2 pdf's for me. If you can give me honest feedback and a testimonial, in return, I will include your name and url in a special editorial "thankyou" blurb at the beginning of each.

The pdf's:
1. 26 tips to getting up to 50% better gas mileage (46pgs)
2. Energy independence in the new millenium/ An indroduction to alternate energy sources for your home (100pgs)

Each pdf will be marketed as a one-time offer to sales on the other, and affiliate payouts on primary sales of each will be 100%.

I am pretty much open to all suggestions, hints, tips, and input.

In order to sign up,
1. Post a quick reply here
2. PM me with your preferred email address to send the pdf's to.

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