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Everyone speaks English, or so many assume. I've read some pretty potent sarcastic remarks about posts that use the wrong composition, words, or spelling. It's not fair to those who have English as a second language.

Many of my friends speak English as a second language and they do quite well with it. There are times when I laugh because of the way they put things together, but overall they are very good. Certainly I have no skills in their native language. Why should I feel superior?
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    I don't think its about feeling superior.
    If you want to market to people in English it helps if you can communicate in that language.
    Some oof the services I sell can be marketed overseas but I'm not set up to translate and get it going so I'm holding off. Until I'm ready yto effectively communicate in those languages.
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      Scott - Sometimes the comments are simply being honest and realistic.

      I know what you mean as there are always some who assume poor English means poor skills or intelligence - and that's ridiculous. Usually that attitude comes from those who speak only English themselves (and not always well).

      It's different when advising someone asking about their web site or articles - using language correctly in those instances may be critical to seeing any success from your efforts. If a post demonstrates a lack of ability to communicate in English in writing - that's a clue to why the person's articles aren't working for them.

      What I seldom see is advice to some that they might do better working in their own language. There are fantastic and profitable sites online that are NOT in English. Not everyone has to target the US market to succeed.


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    Sometimes sarcastic is funny. Sometimes it can drive a point.

    I would only be concerned if it has no purpose at all and just used to feel superior and to degrade others..

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    Hi Scott,

    Many of my sites are in multiple languages, I am not limited in content by language but my ability to promote them in a language other than English is limited. This to me means I am missing out on potential markets, but since the majority do speak English and even search the internet in the second or third language it makes sense to me to continue the same.

    Kay I agree many who have English as a second language should use their mother tongue whatever that might be but they could then be missing out on a substantial market. This is why in my opinion many people continue to use English since there is more traffic available.

    Try optimising a site in German for example where the words can be concatonated how do you select your keywords to suit the base words, gender alternates and the combines terms in your chosen niche? There just isn't the choice realistically.

    French is I believe different, easier but even then which tense do you choose and do you use nouns to target specifically or pronouns to gain a more general market.

    We have recently added Turkish which I can't even start to interpret the alphabet stops me right from the start and as for greek well its all double dutch to me

    I feel English will continue to be the primary language its just too strong already. Maybe one day chinese will compete but wiull we know? The characters don't even load on my PC.
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    Knowing English is a huge advantage because many of the forums online and the people in them are english speakers.

    I think that every person in the world should know English.
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    I work in a city with many Mexican immigrants, and it does work both ways, in case you're wondering. On more than one occasion, I've had folks get downright angry with me for not being able to communicate with them in Spanish. At least, that's the impression I've gotten from their facial expressions and gestures. I'm pretty sure walking away shaking your head and muttering is a sign of disgust in any language. I'm not one of those who has a problem with immigration, but I do think the onus is on the person emigrating to learn the language of his/her new country. At the very least, don't get upset with the natives if they haven't learned your language to make your life easier.

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    OMG, when Los Latinos hear me speak Spanish (uh I mean try to speak Spanish) they do laugh at me, but at least I am trying.

    There is an old joke about what do you call a person who speaks 3 languages? Trilingual.

    What do you call a person who speaks 2 languages? Bilingual.

    What do you call a person who speaks 1 language? American.

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      Originally Posted by espacecadet View Post

      Zeus66, agree wholeheartedly with ya! If you choose to live in the United States, learn the language of the land, which is English!
      Hmmm... well, if this point were valid Americans (and Canadians) would all be speaking a native american dialect. English was not the first language.

      Originally Posted by espacecadet View Post

      You don't see me standing in Mexico yelling that everyone should speak to me in English, do you?
      Perhaps not you personally, but many Americans (and other english-speaking tourists) feel completely justified doing just that.
      Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything. ~ Alexander Hamilton
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    Some people don't understand we don't speak the same language. I speak a dialect of English called "Bad English". That's a language and a whole movement. Don't know why that pissess some pupil offf. I would never do to my own language what I do to English! Look at this: me right articlez $3 dolar each. Buy buy buy! Regards, Tarzan.

    Mmmm, I should start a thread with that title.
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    And then there's things like this...



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    English as a Second Language here.

    For someone like me, reading an eBook in English is a bit of a challenge. I will do it anyway because I have to. I guess I prefer watching a video tutorial than reading it... wait, that's true not only for eBooks but traditional books too! I guess I am a part of Generation Y even though I am 29.

    Someday I would like to write a bilingual eBook in the area I am interested. It will look like a magazine you find on an airplane for international flights. I need to study my subject area before I can write a book about it.
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    I feel blessed knowing how to communicate in English though. It's a gift none of my immediate family members (my brother, father and mother) ever possessed and because of it I have probably made more friends and met more wonderful people than I could have imagined before knowing how to speak communicate in English.

    Recently, a close friend of mine finally "witnessed" I could speak Japanese, and the whole time it didn't even cross his mind. I took that as a complement
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