web sites sandboxed by Google How many backlinks are safe?

by sarahstaar 6 replies
I have had a few new web sites sandboxed by Google. I did do a big link building campaign so this might be to blame.

How many back links is safe for a new domain?

If I do article submission then I might get hundreds of back links in the first few days of my new domains life…

I am using linkvana at present for my domains and adding 5 links a day. Should I be adding less ?
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    How many links did you submit? how do you know you've been sandboxed?
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      Well I did about 60 linkvana links 5 article submissions and linkbacks from youtube and about 6 other video sites.

      My site used to be number one in Google for my product name water gas videos now it is not even in first 10 pages!!

      This Has also happened to one of my other sites.

      I am in the process of putting 4 new affiliate sites up and want to make shore that they don’t get sandboxed as well!!
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    This same thing recently happened to me.

    I guess if its sandboxed you will not see anything under site:domainname.com

    But perhaps that is not a true statement.

    I think google just fires you up front and then skids you to the back for a bit.

    Sometimes I think google throws in sites higher up than others to see how quickly your side is clicked on and how quickly the BACK button is clicked on.
    (This is just a crude theory of my own though)

    I had the same thing happen as you did though --- I was ranked #6 and then off the top hundred for a long while. I've created tons of articles, and now I am at #26 and going up.

    I dont think articles can ban you. Becuase articles are solid content and google likes this.. Nothing blackhat about it..

    The whole banning talk I find overhyped because --- if sites could get banned or sandboxed so easily, people would do this to their competition.

    However, I am not in as competitive of a niche as you are.
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    make sure you link to different pages and have varied link text. If all the links have exactly the same word linked you will get belted because that is not natural!

    Use Humanize on LV
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