Does video on a website improve seo ranking?

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I've been told that Google and the like will rate your website higher if there is some sort of video or audio on it (no matter what kind of quality). Does anyone know if this is true or just some of hype.
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  • Many times people will increase traffic to their site through the use of videos, because it is the video itself that gets ranked highly. Simply create a video, do the appropriate keyword research/incorporate that in the title, etc -- submit it to various video websites -- and then include a link to your website within the video. When someone does a search, they may see your video, then visit your website.

    For a video itself, yes, it can help make your site rank higher. But it is only part of the equation. Google uses a mathematical algorithm in determining how important a site is, and video/audio, etc is only one small portion, i.e., +/- 0.5%.
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      In my opinion it is one of the best things you could do to make your site pop in ranking.

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        Looks like worth a try then....if you had a long sales letter would it be good to still stick one in? Can anyone give any ideas as to what you would put on it given there would already be a sales letter with all the infoon it! ...and the best place for it to go?

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    I have found it did not help my page rank, but it can increase traffic if your ads say "watch the complete video here" or something like that.

    I use a wordpress plug-in for YouTube video's and saw no increase in my page rank. I think good content is more important...but good video can also be good content. Just be sure to use good tagging so Google knows what the video is about!
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    I've noticed it helped pr for me. I'm sure it could depend on what niche you are in, since obviously the more competitive ones will need more work than just adding a video.
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    I don't think it would be unreasonable to assume that google judges the quality of a site partially based on the variety of media on the site. The more diversified the content on a site, generally the the more informative and accessible it is.

    And for a case of example: I have a site that outranks several others in my niche and those sites have more backlinks and more domain age. I attribute this success partially to the video I've posted on my site.(The other sites don't have any video)

    Whether or not that is misplaced faith will be tested as I've got another site that I recently added a video to in a different niche. I'll be tracking its success after this minor change.

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    I think that Google is happy if you emebed a video from Youtube. I often use high quality youtube videos to offer good content for my visitors.

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  • Not in the way you are thinking.. just adding a type of content doesn't raise your rank.

    What raises your rank is the other factors created by having a popular video. People like your video so they link to you, or you pick up more time on site, less bounce rate to the page. Google measures so many things now.
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