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I am a relative newbie to generating traffic using search engines.

It's such a massive topic and quite hard to decide where to start.

I'm interested in opinions on exactly where you're best to start first.

many thanks

karen :rolleyes:
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    this is a VERY large topic with a LOT of different variables, but i'll try and give you a basic break down.

    Since you are a beginner i am going to recommend you go for long tail keywords and not the "big stuff" yet.

    Example: instead of the keyword "loose fat" you might want to try "loose leg fat today".

    Obviously there is less traffic going to it, but it is much easier to rank for. (every single niche has THOUSANDS of long tail keywords, finding them is the hard part).

    A great tool is the google adwords keyword tool. You can see how many searches a term gets each month. So i would go and check that out.

    Next you need a "platform" to actually rank with. My #1 recommendation would be a wordpress blog. It's customizable, and easy to use. If you're trying to snipe a keyword with your blog (and the keyword isn't in the domain name) you want your post to have the exact keyword in the title. Also the tags should be relevent. etc. (you will learn this part more with trial and error).

    After a wordpress blog i would recommend a squidoo lens, ezine article, or hubpage. I generally use these to drive traffic to my blog (which is another reason that a wordpress blog is so important). To rank with these you are going to want the exact keyword you are going for in the title.

    In all of these things you are going to want to sprinke LSI keywords in. I'm going to explain how it works in this post, but just take my word for it. To find these words in your niche go to the google adwords keyword tool and type in your EXACT keyword. Then it will give you a list of the most relevent keywords. Those are your lsi keywords.

    This topic is extremely large and people devote their entire carrer to it. But i hope this introduction helped.
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      THANKS Matt. what does LSI stand for?

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        Originally Posted by KarenWade View Post

        THANKS Matt. what does LSI stand for?

        LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It is an algorithm followed by search engines in document indexing process.LSI analyze a document content as a whole, to verify which other document contains matching words. In this process if it finds many words in relation then it considers these documents to be semantically close. One interesting thing about LSI is that it cannot understand the meaning of the words but it has the intelligence to capture the pattern of the matching phrases! That is how it works
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    I agree with making sure your on page SEO is right. I also advise you to really learn how to do keyword research the right way.

    Also, check out this sub forum, it will help immensely:

    Adsense / PPC / SEO Discussion Forum
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    Originally Posted by KarenWade View Post


    I am a relative newbie to generating traffic using search engines.

    It's such a massive topic and quite hard to decide where to start.

    I'm interested in opinions on exactly where you're best to start first.

    many thanks

    karen :rolleyes:
    The most traffic comes from high, natural google ranking. You can try to do keyword research and find low competition, high search volume keywords. Eg. using tools like Market Samurai, Micro Niche Finder etc.

    That way you can research niches beforehand and you can also design sites and write content around keywords which have a HIGH chance to rank well in the search engines.

    The other thing is backlink building to gain Google Position, banners, link exchanges, things like that.
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    Dude it depends on if you're looking for paid traffic or sweat traffic (just costs time).

    I think that's it's worth it to do some PPC with your keyword list so you can find out if the keywords convert, before you dedicate all your time to ranking for keywords that don't make you money.

    Article marketing is a great sweat traffic method if you can find solid keywords (I use Market Samurai which Georg mentioned). Social bookmarking gets some people a ton of traffic, but I haven't used it in high volumes personally.

    Forum marketing can be a great instant "sweat traffic" source too. Seems to find people who are extremely interested in the topic.

    You know, I think there's a thread with a list of like 200 ways to generate traffic. I'd try searching with "traffic" only looking in titles in the Main Discussion Forum.

    Good luck!
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      Social media can also send you traffic. For some businesses it can send you buyers. For others, it sends you people looking for the same clients as you - but in complementary industries. This can put you in touch with people who can refer business to you. Or people to collaberate with, making it easier to win new clients.

      66 ways to get links (and traffic) to your site.

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    I would recommend writing some articles for traffic generation. You can submit them to your own website/blog, as well as some of the popular article directories, which in themselves get very good traffic.

    As one post stated earlier, you should really focus on your keyword research, using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. It is great keyword research tool to find some short keyword phrases, as well as some long tail keywords.

    Another philosophy that I tell people is to attack sub-niches. Now, I certainly did not invent the concept, but basically instead of attacking "weight loss," you would try to rank for keyword related to "weight loss for women over 40."

    This makes ranking high in the search engines much easier, and will actually bring you laser targeted traffic on autopilot. I have run may affiliate campaigns using this method.
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    quick question regarding LSI: didn't Dan Thies put out a video showing that it actually makes no difference whatsoever whether you use LSI keywords or not?

    anyway, quick tip regarding generating long-tail keywords: in the google keyword tool, click on the analyze webpage button, just below it is some text, click on that and a box opens.

    enter your keyword there and you're getting LOVELY related keywords. Once I discovered that, getting long-tail KW has become super-easy. Seriously! finding KW with 500-700 daily exact searches and almost no competition is a 10-20min job...


    Connect with me on FB:

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    Just joined in the last day or so and came across this thread. What a wealth of experience and information here whether being familiar or not. Concise and organized. Thanks guys!
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    You are posting to this forum which is good but article writing, rss feed submission, directory submission, video submission, guest blogging, press releases, software submission, bookmarking, ppc and social networking. This is all good to do however I left bread crumbs now all you have to do is follow the path.

    Does internet marketing seem to hard? Click here and you will see how much you learn.

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    Hey Karen, Welcome.

    As a relative newbie, youve come to the right place, id recommend a taking a few hours and doing a search on traffic. Theres TONS of amazing information here, if you take the time to sift through it.

    You really need to determine what route youre going to take, as Charles and others have said, there are A LOT of ways to drive traffic.

    First do you have your own website/blog, if yes do all the on-site optimization you can, just do a search here and you will find what you need.

    Second if youre a newbie as youve stated you need to decide what kind of traffic you can/like to do, can you do video, can you write articles, can you do social media. Once you determine that it will be much easier taking the next step.

    Learn the basics and go from there, every journey starts with that first step.

    Good luck

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    Have you tried marketing on social networking sites? I often used these sites to drive traffic to my website and I can say that they are pretty efective
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    For free traffic from search engines, also build blogs around your site, to feed it traffic from even lower niche keywords, in the same main niche ofcourse.
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      It really depends on the time and resources you have.
      social media, longtails, seo, linking startegies, articles, blogs.....

      My thoughts are, outsource whatever you can to save time and (yes) money.
      If your funds are limited then figure out how much time you
      can spend on your business each day/week. Then prioritize your
      traffic strategy. Get the biggest bang for your time.

      Then keep doing what works!

      Hint: Get as much content on the net in as many places as you can.
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    Use a program such as Market Samurai to determine the highest valued blogs for the most search terms. Post a useful post on them with your link. I get about 50% traffic from these links and only about 3% for organic google.

    Btw, I also get about 90% optins from those sources compared to virtually none for organic.
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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