I've already made my first sale, woot!

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I started IM as a brand spankin' noob just last Monday. Since then I've wrote a few articles for EZA, learned how to set up the simplest of WP sites and did some random things like pinging...I'm still not sure what the purpose of that is....but I just logged into my CB account to see that I've made my first sale!!

I've done quite a few things over the years that have made me money online, made a few nice domain sales along the way too, but that $25 I just saw in my account has me just as excited as any domain sale I've made!
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    Well done!

    I bet you have a smile on your face

    Just keep on, what you was doing but double it, then triple it and so on.

    Scale it up. you'll start seeing much better rewards then 1 sale

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    That is awesome news. I remember when I sold my first ebook back when I started all this Internet nonsense 15 years ago. That first $50 sale had me on cloud nine for at least a month.

    My wife asked me why I was so excited over one sale.

    I told her that when you can make one sale you have the ability to make another. Then another, Then...

    You get the point.

    Great job! Now go get another!

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    Thanks, guys! I'm going to ramp up the article writing and keep learning as much as I can!
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    Hey Matt... I agree that first sale is super exciting and makes everything online finally seem possible!

    it's a huge confidence boost!

    Jingles it's awesome to here you're having quick success with affiliate marketing - keep going at, you could have a full time income potential with it
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    I'm happy for you.

    This should get you more motivated than anything else. Just keep doing what you're doing.

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