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If Wordpress is used as a content site, without blogging (for example, random articles on a given theme)...

1. Is there an SEO "freshness" issue? In other words, are the articles viewed as "stale" blog posts over time, or are they viewed as "content" like in a regular HTML content site?

2. Regardless of the answer to #1, does using the Wordpress platform retain its Google "favor" as a blog, even if using it as a content site (for example, with templates)?

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  • You should look into Drupal. It's more full-featured than WordPress and much better for SEO
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      Thanks. I don't need fuller features, but why specifically is Drupal more SEO friendly?
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        Terry it depends are you hiding the content behind
        a paid membership site or free to the public?

        If it is open I don't think the search engines care too
        much as long as the content is up to par and if you
        get your visitors to leave comments and feedback
        be active on the blog the search engines will love you

        So yes wordpress is an excellent platform to use
        that's what a huge portion of the IM field are using
        and having great success with...

        I just created a video on how to integrate a forum
        with your wordpress blog without the heavy lifting
        of setting it up externally check my sig for the link
        again google loves content so let your visitors provide
        it for you.

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    yes, use wordpress for everything and anything. Use the all in one seo plugin to optimize each post or article. Load the article with your keywords. The key will then be your title.

    This post helped me alot (it's not mine by the way)

    The Simplest, Most Effective SEO Move You Can Make — Pearsonified
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    I have a WordPress blog that I stopped updating in November 2007. It consistently gets between 800-1200 unique visitors from Google every week day, slightly less on weekends. This is the same level it was at when I was updating it regularly.
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