I have monetized IM in only 3 months since joining this forum!

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This CAN BE done, just mold the right attitude and bring your A game

Wow, I have been too busy lately to even cruise through this forum or post on my facebook wall.

After recovering from a brief stint with food poisoning this week I went and pitched a restaurant franchise on a video blog website with a contract potentially worth $1500/month in residual income. The owner of the franchise asked me to condense the presentation to five minutes so we can pitch all the other stores in Atlanta early next week.

The fact of the matter is I closed my first client 3 weeks ago from today but have been awaiting to proclaim victory until I was nearly complete with the project and had gotten paid for it.

The first one closed for a one time $1000 setup fee and $300 residual income with $100/month in free food. It feels strange to be able to walk into a restaurant and be treated like a VIP and have my entire tab taken care of.

I've always been a computer geek but I have only been in IM for 6 months. I did not even have a twitter or facebook account until May of last year. Since starting this journey I have been given all IM related tasks at my full time job and launched several affiliate marketing websites using Chris Pearson's awesome Thesis Theme (shell out for the developer's license you won't regret it).

The truth?? I never made ONE RED CENT off my affiliate marketing websites. I wrote articles, analyzed keywords, submitted to article directories, and socially bookmarked these sites. Using SENuke software to more thoroughly analyze my keywords I am now able to understand that I picked products in overly saturated markets. However, what I did have was a collection of pretty looking websites with integrated Web 2.0 features.

This is after giving up Monday night football, hanging out at the bar, playing video games, and going to the movies. I MINIMIZED every distraction around me to FOCUS on my work. When people call me I simply told them that "I am busy right now". I turned off my cell phone and tweetdeck while working on a project. Guess what? I did NOT miss anything important!

Then it happened one day.... my BIG BREAK. I showed a well connected offline marketer (has a brochure stand business) my affiliate websites and he started leveraging his connections to bring me business as an offline marketer of online products! Perhaps I am luckier than many because some people never see a dollar for their efforts. To all those that think of giving up, please approach this with the right attitude.

If you fit in this category, please ask yourself honestly if you are working in a distracted state? Did you go into this venture trying to make money overnight with a one hit wonder or did you prepare a viable business model that could be built incrementally with regular consistent action?

Ask yourself if you could unglue yourself from your desk and do something else like attend networking events with some business cards, or if you could upgrade to that smartphone or netbook so you can show off your web sites to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Think OUTSIDE of the box. That is what innovative marketing is about whether marketing a product or yourself.

Don't just wait for that BIG BREAK, take regular consistent action that predisposes you to being in the right place at the right time whether its offline or online and your time will come.

My current situation would not be possible without some of the high quality information I have found on the Warrior Forum. This is the best $40 I have ever spent. I wish everyone here a great success.
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    Everything that you read and every course that you buy online about IM, you will learn something very valuable.

    Also know that everyone here who is making a nice full time income online went through what you are going through as a newbie.

    You can succeed if you keep a positive attitude and always learn new things here.

    Keep Pushing And Never Give Up
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      Great job! You have the attitude that will create income. Keep up the good work.
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    Welcome to the glamorous and sexy world of IM!

    Of course, despite what many tell us, you've found the real key to success:- Hard Work & Effort. Kudos to you for achieving it

    OK it's not that glamorous.. or sexy, at least not until a good day's work is done.
    IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I'm currently on vacation & will answer all messages when I return - Happy Holidays!!
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    This is great news. I know we can all make money, I have made thousands myself, I think you have to truly believe in yourself and put in the extra effort that others do not. This is a great motivator to others, that it can be done.
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    Hey Eddie!

    That is a great story! I see you live in Atlanta, I'm in Atlanta as well. If you need anything let me know.
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      Congratulations! It's great to hear how successful you have become....and how you got there. I'm happy for you. Keep us posted on how it's going.
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        Thanks for the comments everyone, this is a very supportive community.

        Talfighel, I would love to say that there is some golden nugget of information in every IM product out there but I have found that to not be true. There is a lot of information on Internet Marketing online that isn't very good but there are scams running in any marketplace. Some products make outlandish promises of overnight success and show shortcuts that are unreasonable for ethical businessmen.

        Louise Evans, internet marketing is far from glamorous and involves many late nights staring at CSS and HTML code. It isn't nearly as sexy as popping a wheelie on a motorcycle but I did find a very attractive bartender more receptive to conversation with me after she eavesdropped on a presentation I was giving to the owner of a restaurant. I will have to get back with you on the notion that IM may have some sex appeal.

        Rus Sells, thats awesome that you are a native ATLien we may have to collaborate on some projects in the future. I will be in need of a graphic designer very soon let me know if your have Illustrator, Photoshop, or web encoding skills like PHP, CSS, HTML, or JavaScript.

        Some things that have helped me on my journey,

        1) Building a To-Do list with daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

        2) Working through a complete marketing system from start to finish.

        3) Reading marketing books and ingraining the fundamentals in my mind.

        4) Building a dream board with photos of places that I want to visit once I am financially free to do so.

        5) Following the stongest Gen-Y thought leaders on facebook and twitter.

        6) Minimizing distractions to focus on projects and being thorough.

        7) Giving up partying to keep my mind 100% clear all the time.

        8) Not being afraid to pick up the phone and make direct contact to consult with another expert in the field.

        9) Freemind Mindmapping software so I could document complex processes.

        10) Running 3 miles every other day to realease stress and provide a break from long hours at a desk.

        These are just a few things I have learned along the way, if anyone has a little magical lifestyle choice that has aided in some success let me know. Thanks everyone!
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    Congratulations. Hard work always pays off. Those who believe IM is easy usually give up before that make a success of it.

    Don't worry, be happy.

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