Is this To Much Social Bookmarking?

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I am currently building back links to a weight loss site I have and I tend to book mark and RSS submit alot, I was wondering if there is ever to much.

Currently I do the following;

* Create Post - RSS + Book Mark It
* Create Article, Completely Spin it to make it unique and Submit to Top 10 directories - Book Mark and RSS each Article

* Create 20 Web2.0 sites based on that article - RSS and Social Book mark each one.

Would you think this is to much and could cause problems? or should I concentrate on smaller amounts?
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    No it is is not too much ... you can build 1,000's of backlinks everyday and never get hurt... Personally I would suggest posting those articles to your site first and build backlinks to the articles on your site before submitting the article to article directories...

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    No, not too much, the more backlinks you have the better. As therichjerknet said post your articles to your website as well and build backlinks to these too. Make sure all of web 2.0 are pointing to your main website and send a few links from here to some of your articles as well.

    The more backlinks your articles have, the higher they'll rank in the search engines, the more traffic you'll get to your main site.

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    No that is not too much. If you put a lot of links on a single site, you may piss that site off specially if you dont contribute to the community.
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      Seems fine to me.
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      lol, A thousand backlinks is spam?

      Then the Warrior Forum should disappear off the listings, along with Twitter, Facebook, Ebay, Walmart, and Amazon.
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