Chance of success with switching from Squidoo to my own site - opinions?

by Sydp
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This may seem like a completely ridiculous question, and if so I thank you in advance for entertaining my ignorance.

I have a Squidoo page which does okay. I make some affiliate sales (maybe $80 on a good month). It seems to me that the merchandise is a 'crowded market' with lots of SEO competition which makes me hesitate to pay money (which is very, very, very tight for me) to have a website around the same thing. It would be very painful, financially, for me to put money into a website which resulted in a net loss.

However, most of the traffic to my Squidoo page is SE traffic, meaning I've got a toe in the door, even if the market is crowded.

So my question is this: With a decent design, a fair hand at SEO, and some time, what are the chances that my proposed site would fail completely? Are there risks I may not have considered? Are there benefits I haven't examined?

I know that it's better to have your own property. I know that there are no guarantees, and that a lot depends on the work I put into the site. I know that no one can guarantee my success or lack of failure (or even failure). What I'm looking for is some guidance, something that will give me a bit of confidence that paying for a website out of pocket will be a good investment in the medium-long run.

I also know that the small amount of money a website costs seems like a good 'gamble' to many people, but I don't have the money to gamble. I need to make good, wise investments.
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    Hi Sydp.

    Go for it!

    It's nice feeling knowing that you and only you have a say about your content. Take control.

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    In my opinion having your own website is the best way to go by far. I use squidoo to funnel traffic to my blogs and not as my primary website.

    However if money is that tight I would suggest doing some additional work to try and generate the money to fund your website.

    For example, forum posting or yahoo answers with a link directly to the affiliate link, if done properly you can easily generate enough money from these methods to pay for hosting and a domain.

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