How do you not look like spam in Yahoo Answers?

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Made a small boo-boo in YA. Luckily they just took down my post and not
ban me off the site. The question I answered was a direct question - what is the best website for _____. I got violated for a spam post because I did not
put my link in the source box but in the post itself. (I think) I know, dummy me. The link is not yet activated because you need over 250 posts for it to be live. The TOS claims the Content cannot promote your own blog or website. Which I clearly violated. I should have known better.

So my question is to those who know. Is it because I wrote in the content box my website but i should of wrote it in the source box, and I would of been okay? Is the source box, then the safe area to not look like your spamming? I see this being done with other contributors.
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    You'll get flagged for spamming if you supply a very short answer and it includes a url. It doesn't matter if your answer is in reply to someone asking for a website resource. Try to make your answer longer. Explain why you think it's a good resource.

    Make your account look legit by not including a link in every question that you answer. Also, don't always link to the same website in your answers. Use different accounts if you want to promote the same website.
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      Thanks Gary. You are very helpful to my thread.

      I do have posts in other topics that do not show any links, so I did good there. I even got 2 best answers within 150 posts. That's a good feeling when someone likes your answer.

      You mention to add another account to promote the same website. That's interesting to know.

      So if you do not have a revelant website to the question- you should not
      ever put any source box link, unless it is revelant to the question?

      Appreciated your reply. Tres.
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    Haven't had any problems links to my sites/blogs as long as the topic is relevant.
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    Like Gary said, the most important part of YA is providing relevant content for the question at hand. Not every question needs or deserves a website link. Focus more on answering the question instead of supplying a link.
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    I normally just pick any question and then just google the answer, making sure it's one that is written by someone who's an expert in the subject and then translate the wording into my post. Therefore, the answers have length and substance and I never get into any trouble.
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      I've remained safe with YA by simply linking to an article or blog post relevant to the question asked. Of course I provide a nice quality answer to the posters question, but by linking to an article/blog post in the "relevant site" section below.
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        Number 1: Don't only answer questions in your own niche.

        Number 2: Don't always link to your own sites.

        Number 3: Never link to your money making site, link to your content pages which answer their questions, such as articles, YouTube videos, Squidoo, etc.. which do connect to your money making site.

        Number 4: Always give proper advice. If you don't know a good legitimate answer, don't answer.

        Number 5: Always keep the best interest of the person asking the question in mind, instead of your interest.

        If you follow those few rules, you are likely to be rewarded with being considered a high quality contributor, and are unlikely to ever be banned, or have an answer removed.
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