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I've just finished my salescopy for a herbal supplement product. This product is selling quite well in my country, Malaysia. Obviously, there're good testimonials but unfortunately, all are not in English. Most are either in Malay or Mandrin versions. Just FYI, this product has penetrated into countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Philipines, India and China.

My salescopy is specifically targetting the English speaking markets such as Australia, USA, UK, Canada, etc. Should I use those testimonials and get the translated version posted on my salescopy? My salescopy is almost ready now but I've not posted to my domain yet.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    If I am you, I will get it translated to English and put it on the salesletter. If the testimonial is real and they are getting good results from the product, I will put include within the salesletter.

    Remember to track the conversion as there is a possibility that the salesletter without the testimonial might be converting better than the salesletter with the testimonial.

    Hope my humble opinion helps


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    Most definately - they are your testimonials about your product.

    Get a freelancer tanslater on Elance, rentacoder or similar type of site.

    All the best with your launch
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      Yes, definitely, get them translated and use them. That will be perfectly acceptable, English is widely spoken in Malaysia so it makes sense to have your testimonials from Malaysia published in Bahasa and English.

      If you are able to translate them roughly yourself, then I would be happy to correct the English for you - no charge (as long as there's not too many)

      I have worked in Malaysia and may be coming out again soon on a new project, so I would really like to build my network of contacts there.


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      [QUOTE=Kevin Birch;1831478]Most definately - they are your testimonials about your product.

      Get a freelancer tanslater on Elance, rentacoder or similar type of site./QUOTE]

      You can try also. This is the best site to get freelancers I ever seen. I can assure you that you'll surely get any professional translator at here.
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    Zack Lim, Kevin Birch, Uniquecontent : Thanks for the input.

    Digileaf : Thanks for the offer to help out to correct the English, very nice of you. In fact, I'm from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. If you happen to come here for holidays, plse get in touch. I'll be glad to meet you.

    I was thinking since most of the testimonials are from local folks, maybe it's not convincing enough for the English speaking audiences. I thought, western speaking testimonials will be better accepted. I guess, I'm dead wrong afterall.
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