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Let's get our heads together on this thread and boost our opt-in ratio... shall we?

Where as PDF reports still seem to work, I think they are going out.
If look at the "big boys" like frank and mike, we can clearly see the
explosion of using video to get opt-ins... so

What's your take on this, and have you yourself opted in because video?
or have you tried using video to get opt-ins...?

I'm just putting together a new video to try this out, and I'm looking
for some ideas and experience... maybe from you.

Ok, I've done a few. and here's what I sort of figured out:
The video should not be too long, it really needs to capture the
the attention of the person watching it, and you have take them
on an emotional journey of "AHA" moments...

Then surprise them with a total "over delivery", and give it away for free.
I generally do not hit them with a OTO right away, I keep giving them good
stuff until they are just waiting to buy something.

That's how I've been doing, maybe I'm leaving money on the table??

What's your insight on this?
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