Help! Wordpress is contacting me

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Hi Warriors,

I am currently using some services like link racer and UAW. I have never used any services that created backlinks for me.

Now I have recieved a few emails from Wordpress that say:

A new pingback on the post #222 "My Article" is waiting for your approval.

What is that? what do I have to do?

Thanks in advance
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    That is a normal email that you will get if there is a reference to, and back link to one of your wordpress posts. It simply informs you that you have a back-link, and in fact if you refer to a post from another post on your blog or from one of your other blogs you will get one of these. It is nothing to worry about, and is normal.

    Good Luck!

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    You can also turn off pingback notifications in your admin settings if you want to.

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    Thanks for the answers. I have the option to approve, delete, or mark these comments as spam.

    Which one should I choose?

    Damn I should have taken a screenshot of that PPC ad. DAMN !!!!!!!

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    It's up to you. You can do whatever you want with those pingbacks.

    And just for the record: it is NOT WordPress (the organization) contacting you, it is your blog sending the messages about the pingbacks... in other words the WP script

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    Thanks. I thought that if I would delte it, my backlinks wouldn't be created.

    But thanks to clear that for me.

    Damn I should have taken a screenshot of that PPC ad. DAMN !!!!!!!

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