Wohoo! Made My First Amazon Sale! LOL I'll never get tired of these "firsts"!

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LOL, I kinda got a bit happy a while ago. These sales simply makes me feel
satisfied knowing things really work.

Was doing some stats checking when I saw my first Amazon sale.

And the conversion isn't bad either..

I sold a WII for an $8 commission. It isn't much but it's my first so
I feel happy

Just keep at it. Build, no matter what it is just build and sell, sell, sell!

Also, I think the "Gaming" niche is quite good these days.
(You might think I'm a fool for sharing this but I have other money makers )

Don't worry too much whether it's article marketing, web 2.0 creation, or even
just simply placing ads on free ad site..the most important thing is you're
building, you're creating..You can adjust your strategies as you get good at
this, but the most important thing is you are SELLING!

All the best,
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    Nice! Go celebrate with some Jollibee's.

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      Great work rapid. Keep at it! My nephew made a $22.80 commission on Amazon a couple of months ago during the holiday season where consumer spending is normally at an all time high. He managed to sell an Iron Man Statue which retailed for $569.95 from his Incredible Hulk blog.
      Persistence is key. Keep working and driving traffic.
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    Congrats! It's definitely a great feeling knowing your work is paying off. Literally and figuratively.

    -Gina E.
    {Perfect Love Here I Come}
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    Congrats! I'll never forget mine too.
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    Congrats Dude! Keep up the great work!

    I remember my first Amazon sale...I got $1.51 for it haha, you've got me beat
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  • There is something so sweet when you just see that something you've put together work. As ever take a look at precisely what worked and refine it so that it pumps more dollars into your account.

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      congrats hopefully make more sales every day .
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    I hope you make more...
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    Skype: wordpress_alkan
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    Nice work, and that is a good click to sale rate! I have been doing a bit of Amazon testing, but no sales so far.
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    Congrats ... nice work. I recently made a few Amazon sales that were my first ever.
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    The beauty of Amazon is that you might refer your reader to them for a product you are promoting and they will end up buying a heap of other stuff as well. I love Amazon.

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    $8 Never tasted so sweet !!

    Well done man :-)
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    Congrat. keep up the good work and you will be making much more all the best...

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    Dude, that's freakin' AWESOME!

    Do you have any goals? Where you want to go?

    Why not share with us what you plan on going from
    here...I'm sure many people (including myself) would
    like to know.
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      Originally Posted by WhoIsBenjamin View Post

      Dude, that's freakin' AWESOME!

      Do you have any goals? Where you want to go?

      Why not share with us what you plan on going from
      here...I'm sure many people (including myself) would
      like to know.
      Thanks to all! I just want to share happy moments

      Well to be honest, selling for more than a year now has thought me a lot.

      I've already set my targeted monthly income and I've already identified
      four income streams. There are more out there but I focused on just four.

      I work on them regularly, I've already set a daily task list. Though honestly
      I've had some days where I'm not able to do work on my income streams
      specially since I go out to offline clients from time to time.

      But I don't get frustrated with myself for it. I recognize it as a "hiccup"
      and work again on my plan the following day.

      Doing this has given me results.

      Since I lost my writing gig, I'm going out to offline clients again but I still
      get decent cash online, I can even work entirely online creating and selling
      products but I also prefer going out from time to time and work offline,
      there's also some decent money waiting for me there, so I guess that's my
      5th income stream.

      All the best,
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    cool the commissions are so damn low though actually $8.00 is like winning the lotto with Amazon lol. No but in all seriousness great job I hope you have many more 2 come.

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