Youtube banning question: posting 50-75 video per account one-time only all differ Ip

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The question is about will I be banned if I just promote a non-profit (more like a website on giving self-help and a blog for personal advices from one person only) website for my free ebook as a download (link on the website and also sites like llink on the videos I will be making? The video will just have a sentence or two on WHY and WHERE to download the ebook in the begining and end of a popular videos (Ex: extreme sports, racing accidents, etc).

I will be doing this with 2-3 accounts per day (with different IP for one account) and all accounts will have only about 50-75 videos EVER (meaning I will just upload it one time and forget about uploading it again for at least 1 month) and all upload in the same day for each account. So, what I will do is upload about 50-75 video for one account, then change IP adddress, then upload video to another account, and so on.

So, that won't really ban my account, right? (since not promoting any adult or money making sites) Is uploading 50-75 vidoes too much and can it get me banned? Has anyone has a similar experience or have done the same exact way I am doing? If so, please share!
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      anyone got any other suggestion? anything will help!
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