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Hey Everybody,

My name is Steve. I joined up here at the Warrior a while back. I haven't posted anything until now, because I wasn't sure of what to say or ask about. I'm new to IM and am trying to sort out everything I'm learning. All this information can be a little overwhelming at times. I've read through many posts here and have taken several pages of notes so far.

At this stage, I have started writing my first e-book, but I have not yet got a website up for selling it. I'm still debating over the exact domain name I want to use, although I have a few good ones in mind. I've studied a free e-book about how to create your own website. I'm also trying to come up with ideas of "bonus" material to offer my customers besides just my e-book.

I do enjoy writing and I would like to write some articles as well, although I know very little at this point about how to make money from articles. Any thoughts or advice you have for me would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Establish yourself here. Read a lot, comment a lot, meet new people. Constantly read. As far as bonus material can't really say without knowing what your ebook is about (Fishin? Crocheting? Windsurfing?) But videos always work great. Video is hot now and people love them.

    I've also been dabbling with audiobook attachements for longer ebooks and if the content doesn't need any visual aid or heavy computer use. Think laterally about your product, what would people need/use besides it? Don't just slap some "bonuses" together that are garbage, it'd be better to just improve your product if that was the case.

    Either way, good luck and welcome to the forum!

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      Finish your ebook first. Then you will have a product to sell. As you write, you may find that you are getting ideas for a website. And most of all, save time by not reinventing the wheel. Visit other websites that focus on a similar area and see what they feature. This is what I should have done a while back. I foolishly developed a website without thinking about its audience's problems.
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        Thanks for the great tips and advice! The topic of my e-book - to explain it simply - has to do with helping people who are middle aged, perhaps even older, or approaching middle age. I'm writing my e-book to such people who are like me in that maybe they spent many years in early adulthood not really doing or accomplishing much of anything for some reason. I spent something like twently or so adult years just throwing my life away on empty pursuits. Then one day, I woke up and was 40 years old! I decided I would set out to prove it isn't ture that once a person becomes ingrained in something for so long a time, they will be stuck in that pattern for life. If the internet as we now know it had existed in the 1980's, I would have not be interested in doing internet marketing because I would have thought, "Oh, that's just too hard to do. There's too much competition anyway. Why bother with something like that." We can see what years of this type of mindset can do to a person. But I want to pass on to these people the things I've learned and done post-40 to go after my dreams and change my behavior. I strive to prove every day that this can be done.

        People sometimes use the term "late bloomer" to describe such a person. I don't really like that term myself, but that is just what it's called.
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