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Hi Everyone,

I have two domains that I'd like to sell (one having to do with Twitter and the other with credit).

I have no idea what the best way to sell them is and could use some advice. Should I pay for an appraisal? I see that Sedo and GoDaddy offer appraisal services and thought that would be beneficial because I have no idea what they might be worth.

Any guidance, recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Why not just go to and have a look at which sites are selling for how much? Then you can see how much you are likely to get for your sites. Plus there is a section on this forum for selling websites too.

    Best wishes,


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      Try DNForum dot com and you'll get some good ideas on how much your domain is worth. I would only pay for an appraisal if you think you're domain would be worth more than $10,000...
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    If it's domain names you're selling, you can try and would be another site to check out, but expect reseller prices there. I would do a Google search of businesses related to the keywords in your names and start emailing them. You can sometimes make a nice amount when you reach out to end users.

    If you do email them, just make sure to end your email with your real name, phone number and your general address (city/state/zip). Keep the email simple and straight to the point. Good luck.
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      Be aware of appraisal scams as there are some people who would offer a good price for a domain name and then would con you using their appraisal service and once you have paid your $ 50 - 100 for an appraisal they just disappear.

      I have used sedo in the past I think they are quite good.

      You can also try eBay, but usually you would not get good price in there, but depending on the domain name you might get lucky. Ebay is good place to buy domain names though.
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    Unless they are really valuable domains, I would skip the appraisal. You can list them on, and ... sure there are other sites. Flippa isn't the best for selling domains. You might ask in the namepros appraisal thread about the domains worth ... sometimes they answer, sometimes they don't.
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