Traffic Reselling - Have I been lied to?

by SunnyJ
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I have been selling traffic online for over a year now and the provider I switched to claims they are not a reseller of a reseller and they are the root - it is their traffic. However, I received some complaints about the traffic and started looking around and discovered there are a lot of sites that look very similar to the one I am buying traffic from. I've seen many sites offering similar packages but many are also offering different types of traffic. So I am wondering if the traffic I am selling is fraudulent because of complaints and because of the similar websites yet different types of traffic being offered on them.

Just as a small example these sites look similar and offer some similar packages but also offer some different traffic (I'm not a reseller for any of these): AffordableWebsiteTrafficdotcom, PrimeTrafficSourcedotcom, FindSiteTrafficdotcom, and SpeedyWebHitsdotcom

Does anyone know if all their traffic all comes from the same source and who it might be, or why they all have similar sites and why they can sell similar and also some different types of traffic? They can't all be the primary root source like a couple of them have told me when i inquired.

I feel like my traffic provider has lied to me now. Trying to find out where the real traffic sources are is very difficult - everyone is a reseller of a reseller.

If you prefer to PM me with a reply that would be ok.

Sunny Jane
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    Just my 2c worth.

    I've never understood why someone would want to "buy" visitors in this way. They are either paid to surf traffic (driveby surfers with no interest at all and no intention of reading your page) or people who opted into a list somewhere and forgot to untick the box saying they would like to receive "carefully selected" (ie anyone that pays) offers.

    Either way, they have no interest in your (or your client's) products.

    There are much better ways of getting genuine, targeted traffic.
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  • My experience and research into buying traffic reveals many problems. Here are the main problems with it...

    1. It just isn't targetted enough - the best I've found is to define your buisness as say a sport - there are hundreds of sports
    2. The guarantees tend to be only to resend if you didnt get the hits you bought - no promise of satisfaction, no 100%, no quibble refund policy like I and most here offer.
    3. They talk in terms of hits - This is meaningless and a good sign of a scam. One single visitor can produce many hits.

    If you want to buy traffic then use PPC or solo ads. If you want free targetted traffic then do the work of articles, blogging, etc etc.

    If you're a reseller for one of these scam companies then of they'll happily rip you off as well.
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    I sell traffic also, but what I do is also offer other "getting traffic methods to my customers. What you want to do is research your provider to find out how long they have been in business and confirm their claims. These type of traffic models provide what I call quick and dirty traffic, to get view of a website.

    Sam Robbins talks about pop under traffic that many "elite marketers' don't use but since it is so cheap, you can actually get a fairly good return on your money because individuals actually see your website.

    Even though the traffic may not be as targetted as other "elite forms of traffic" it is real traffic with real visitors and many MLM'ers use this traffic to recruit. One type of traffic does not fit everybody.

    Almost everyone who sells traffic is getting traffic from someone else. But with this type of traffic, it is really considered "bulk traffic" and can be useful in several ways.

    I have tracked down the originators of some real traffic and they sell to almost everyone else. Inhouse safelists and Solo Ads in Ezines are excellent sources of qualified and targeted traffic. But, in most cases, the costs is rather high to send. But if you have a disgruntled customer and the numbers start to increase there may be a real problem with the traffic source you are using.

    Seek out other vendors of real traffic and track your own advertisement to this list so you can speak with some authority regarding the results.
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    Crap traffic for lazy people.
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    Richnana and Launch Workshop,
    Thank you. I appreciate someone trying to be helpful and not just comments. Your post are helpful and appreciated.
    Sunny Jane
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    All those sites you mentioned ... I consider that scam traffic. I would never buy traffic from a site like that.

    As for your question, there was a guy on Flippa who sold a million of these traffic sites. Don't know if this is the same character, but he resold it over and over again, with a different template and color scheme. He also sold on DigitalPoint and Namepros. Why people kept buying these sites from him I still don't understand.
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    Thanks for the warning about the guy who resales the same sites.

    I was also hoping someone would share a supplier or root source of traffic who is not a reseller of a reseller but so far no one has come forward.
    Sunny Jane
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    I am a reseller for traffic also, but I did exhaustive research before deciding who to try. Before I signed on, I actually used the product to determine what type of traffic and the results of the traffic.

    What I found is that with these type of traffic programs, you have to offer a quick and dirty solution to getting money. A lot of the individuals on these lists are opportunity seekers. They usually do not yet have an online business, so some of what you offer has to appeal to the new group of entrepreneurs. You must always, always offer something free... you will get a lot of signups to your email who are looking for some guidance.

    P>S> Most resale traffic sites get their traffic from other traffic sources. They have to be online for quite a while to build the number of email addresses and websites required to offer this service....
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    I have tested paid traffic on some of the my sites. Except for a rare sign up once in a while, most of the traffic was crap. Still not sure whether it was 'bot traffic' or highly untargetted traffic. Google Analytics shows them as visitors who bounced off from the first page.
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    I am fairly sure that the majority of the traffic originates from server redirects.

    The server sees people constantly trying to look at a website that has expired. They buy it and redirect the traffic to their clients website. Obviously they use many websites in this way, but you get the gist.

    Unfortunately I think a lot are actually just using bots, or at least mixing in the bot views to help them fulfill orders.

    Swap roles. You have just typed in a URL and instead of the website you wanted you were redirected to a website about children's bikes. Are you likely to make a purchase, or even sign up for their list? Unlikely!


    I write articles and eBooks - PM me for details!
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