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I have become interested in this after hearing Brian "KOZ" speak about it.

He has fancy software that can track leads in real time - I figure i can do similar with RSS feeds and google alerts.

Another idea if possible would be contextual pop ups on order pages.

The most appealing thing is the commercial intent for keywords with little competition.

Downside is that there is no single organized source for coupons so its mix and match.
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    Koz previously released 4 minute money which has a script in it that pulls coupons (the latest ones) from a lot of the biggest online retailers.

    I saw Koz speak at the WIS in Auckland too a couple of weeks ago and the coupon marketing idea really intrigued me.

    It's a clickbank product and has a few reports in it detailing different ways to do coupon marketing and comes with AWESOME scripts inside including a cookie stuffer and a couple of other ways to make sure that your cookie is loaded on a customers computer before you give them the coupon.

    It has a $4.95 one week trial. Knock yourself out man, I've already used on of the ideas in one of the reports and made NZD$500 over the last couple of weeks.
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