$7 script or clickbank...Need your advice

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I have an ebook I will be selling soon on my site as well as a wso and am wondering whether it'd be better to use a $7 script or clickbank.

I have no problem with doing all the php config stuff with the $7 script.

Which would you recommend?
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    I would take the fees into consideration. Which would be a cheaper route to go? Which method takes out less fees for payment processing?
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      I use paypal for my first product.

      I dont know what's $7 script.

      Clickbank has a fee of $50? Good for affiliating product.
      Long term
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    I'm using the $7 script for my product, and it's been good so far. I don't have to manage the affiliates, so for that reason alone I prefer the $7 script.

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    I thought 7 dollar scripts gave the full sale amount to the affiliate.

    Is that what you want?

    You could probably use that as a lead-generator for a lesser e-book, but not your primary info product.
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      Depends on what the goal is for the product.

      The $7 script is a good way to get something out into the hands of people used the way it was intended, however, that means that you are giving away your product and the $7 to the person that brought the traffic to you.

      This is good if the product has either upsells, OTO or links that will bring you money in time. You want that product in as many hands as possible.

      On the other hand, if the product is a "closed" item, (as in it is standalone, the product itself is what is to make the money,) ClickBank would allow you to share the income with your affiliates.

      For example, if you wrote a report on "The 7 Best Ways To Get Traffic," you probably have links inside the report, so you wouldn't mind "giving it away" via the $7 script.

      On the other hand, if you wrote a program that does everything Microsoft Office does, you would probably want to see some money from the sales of it.

      My new site that I am working on which in itself does not sell a product, does interact with offers from both PayPal (such as the $7 script method) and ClickBank, so people that send traffic to me can benefit from their traffic in either case, as not every product fits within one or the other, as you are finding out =)
      Gerry Humphrey
      Business Consultant, Technical Support Rep, Developer, Trainer
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    I just bought the $7 Secret ebook. And I have never used Clickbank for a product.

    I would like to know the route you take and how it turns out for you - as I am in the process of turning out some products of my own.
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    Hey Nick,

    Well, to answer your question...

    It depends.

    If your product is $30 and up, you may want to consider Clickbank.

    Why? B/C at least if your product does well, you'll have many affiliates who'll be willing to market it. And if you are willing to have a payout of at least 50%, you'll still make a nice profit of about $15 left (less any of CBs fees of course!).

    You'll also have no headaches (in theory) when is comes to paying your Affs or when it comes to refunds.

    Now, the $7 Paypal Script will do the trick regardless of whether or not your product is over $30.

    Here's the deal though. Jon Leger designed that script with the mindset of selling inexpensive products. Hence the name "$7 script". If you start selling more expensive products with the script (ie: $47, $67, etc.) - you'll ultimately run into customers who'll want their money back. If you don't comply quicky enough or if the customer complains, then you run the risk of Paypal locking your account - ouch!

    If they lockup your account, then that income stream stops - at least until you clear up everything.

    As well, if you plan on having affiliates, the Script can somewhat handle that... but the question is... Do you really want it to?

    Having said all that, IMHO, I think that if you are going to sell an inexpensive product - and you are NOT going to offer a Money Back Guarantee - the the $7 script is the way to go.

    Hope this helps. Peace!

    - Jay
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